More good problems to have: Gefjon or Garnet for rings

My lucky streak continues, and I pulled Gefjon in this month’s Valhalla portal, and pulled Garnet in the recent ninja portal. Who gets the scopes?

Current maxed reds are:

C. Elena +4
Gravemaker +4

Other red 5*s (all at 3.70):
Lady Loki
Guardian Kong

With the high overlap between Grazul and Garnet, Gefjon should get the rings right? Is it worth waiting to see if I pull Marjana’s costume?

IMO Gefjon 4.80 for optimal damage. Marjana-C can work at 3.70 for element def (assuming she is like in Beta though). Oops wait,. you already have Marjana maxed, so you do not need rings to max her costume.

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Ah, yes, that’s a good point!

Well probably none of them :slight_smile:

You could probably stop pulling! That list of waiting heroes is amazing. I think Gefjon is the pick of them though


Yeah, but I like a lot of the new heroes. I don’t pull crazy hard–I buy the event / Valhalla / costume offers, and use the gems / tokens from those to do about a 10 pull at costumes, alternating 10 pulls and 30 pulls at Valhalla. I’m definitely p2p, but I don’t chase individual heroes, I’ve just been super lucky recently (I got GM with free tokens when he was featured in the Legends Portal last month).

You have both Grazul and Marj, so you don’t really need either but since Marj. and Gefjon are the only true Red Snipers, I’d give them to Gefjon.

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Gefjon, because Grazul can do the job for now, but Marjana not so much.

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