What next? Got 9 darts. Ascend? Wait for better?

F2P, 9 darts in storage. What would you do?

  • Vivica
  • Leonidas
  • Justice
  • 2-nd Malosi
  • 3-rd Joon

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Here’s my available yellows

Here’s the emblem stocks

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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I would ascend Leo, after the buff he has some potential and you have the monks emblems to beaf him up. He could be useful in a yellow mono team without healers or a slow healing vivica using his self healing abilties and his manacut can delay an opponent long enough that vivica is fully charged and gives additional protection to your heroes.
But Joon and Maloosi are very good too. With Lady Wool I dont think you need a third yellow healer, I use her on my first yellow attack team and her fast healing wins me many raids.

I appreciate that you have us good details to make a decision.

I voted for Viv. At this point you’re more going for depth it seems and I find I can always use more healers. Plus with Lady Woolerton I’d consider using both on the same mono team.

Malosi would be my second choice.
I’d skip Leo and go straight to Justice as third choice. I figure you won’t use Leo too much regularly but you could use Justice a lot in very fast wars.

From your roster that you posted, my vote went to Vivica
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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In your place, I would ascend Vivica. Maybe you’ll get super lucky and pull her costume, basically making her a yellow Kunchen. After that, I’d probably do a second Malosi.

Happy hunting :slight_smile:


With Uraeus and 2 Joons you have enough firepower. I voted Vivica. I use mine all the time.

None. I hate maxing a dupe you can’t emblem. Viv is worthy of the darts if you have her costume, otherwise, max more Woolerton or Gullinbursti as healers, they are relatively easier and cheaper to get, level, max and emblem. Viv is decently usable at 3/70. I know because I have been using her as my main healer in my monoyellow team until I obtained the sheep and 3 angry pigs.

I have 25 darts in my invemtory and my 2018 Vivica is still at 3/70.

I sure will max the Woolertons, but no Guli unfortunately. S3 and S4 are as dry as Sahara for me so far… As for 3/70 Viv, except for the ocasional Ninja and Tavern events, my 3/70 heroes never see action. And even then I’m using them if I run out of 4* options. Guess I’ll keep my darts, for now, as non of my options will be a game changer. But I sure need a 5* project to work on, it’s getting dull leveling 4* and costumes… Maybe I’ll give Malcina (also 3/70) a chance… even got some emblems for her.

Another though call… node 20 for Mitsuko (mana 24 and mana 11 available, so no direct benefit) or put all available wizzard on Uraeus?

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