Vivica or Malosi?

I got a little dilemma: Who should I ascend first; Vivica or Malosi? My yellow team is probably the weakest. Got Joon w/costume, Mist and Guardian Jackal maxed. Vivica/Justice and Malosi at 3/70.
Got 11 darts, so I’m ready to ascend one.

Malosi seems cool and handy on offence. Vivica is more of a defence girl imo. Ain’t got her costume yet either. My defence team is getting decent with Red Hood/Vela/Heimdall/Seshat/Joon, so neither of them will take a spot there.

So… who would you go for?

Imo i would go Malosi. Fast mana is no joke!! I own Vivica without costume or any emblems and i only use her for my mono yellow attack team(titans) and for war as well. Her slow mana bothers me more than any other slow mana hero i own.

I’d not call Vivica a defense hero. She is a cleanser, which is quite important in offense. Her slow mana is a disadvantage of course, but tolerable in most cases. So, if you need a 5* healer Vivica is a good option. Of course, if you don’t have Ariel already.

I know nothing about Malosi, unfortunately. He eluded me. :frowning:

I do use Rigard w/costume (+19) mostly as my cleanser, and i do think he’s a better option. Wouldn’t give Vivica his emblems either.

Well, this means you’ve answered your own question, haven’t you?

Personally, I agree with a statement that you can’t have too many good healers. On the other hand, I don’t have Malosi. :sunglasses:

I like Vivica, she already gave me great result in my yellow stack since 3.70 so long… so I ascend her, too make more little sturdier.
IMO it depend on playstyle and which is more fun to play.
Now, there is Lady Woolerton, fast healer yellow! :sweat_smile: but she doesn’t cleanse though.

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