Seeking 5* yellow ascension (and general) advice

Which of these yellow should get darts?
I have a choice between:

  • Neith
  • Norns
  • Sif
  • Vivica

Follow up: if I’m lucky enough to pull Malosi, would that change things for dart priority?

My current team is: Black Knight (4), Ariel (1), Mother North (1), Sartana (2) and Leonidas (1). Thank you to the forum for the advise on working on this team.

I currently participate in everything (tournaments, war, titan, raiding). I’m able to get into diamond (highest trophies 2582) but seem to get raided back down into platinum and stabilize around 2200-2300 trophies. The defense I’m using is: Mother North (1) → Vela 3-70 → Black Knight (4) → Ariel (1) → Sartana (2).

I’m currently working on Vela, Telluria and Jean-Francois. Waiting on one more telescope to ascend Vela but have the mats for bringing Telluria and JF to 80. I have other 5* options in these colors but from what I"m understanding, this trinity is pretty lethal.

My 4* stable is currently
Boldtusk (4)
Wilbur (4)
Proteus (4}
Buddy (4)
Guardian Jackal (4)
Melendor (4)
Rigard (4)
Grimm (4)

Wu Kong 3-1
Mist 4-42
Tiburtus 4-44
Kiril 4-39

Thanks in advance.

So Leo is your only maxed 5* Yellow?

I personally would advise doing probably Neith or Vivica.
Vivica as it gives another healing option; Neith as it gives you versatility.
If you get Malosi I would probably add him to the list of potentials but maybe not jump to the top… He’s definitly an offence driven hero & wont make a diference to your defence team (same as norns).

Given you are working on the JF, Telly & Vela trio I would probably be leaning towards Vivica or Malosi for offence options/ capability.

In terms of your defence I would do:
Mother North -> Ariel -> Black Knight -> Sartana -> Leonidas
BK is a better tank than MoNo is; Mono as a Healer/ Reviver is better suited to the left wing so that they can revive as the FIRST thing the defence team does.

I’m sure I read Leonidas?


Already have Ariel and MN to heal. I’d wait on Vivica.

Neith? She’s okay, but there’s better.

Norns? Special doesn’t wow me.

Sif? I think this is where I would go. Rogue class won’t compete for emblems and adds counterattack defense.

Mind you, this is for an AI defense in raids. I wouldn’t use that team on offense. Sartana would be your only non-passive hero.


not Joon, I have Leonidas

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Advice #1 don’t pick hero’s for defence primarily!

Vela and Telluria are good fullstop…

JF is good on defence, but his attacking potential only really shines in heavy red stacks. I would consider caution here - he could be disappointing without more red 5* depth.

Anyway, holy!

I personally wouldn’t do Vivica, she’s been the most disappointing 5* hero I’ve maxed…
She’s had her uses at times, but she’s a real mixed bag thanks to that slow speed - sometimes she’s useful, sometimes she’s just too late (and sometimes dead without firing).
You’ve got two better healers, I wouldn’t rush into her.

Neith is a really good option - she gives you a stalling tactic which slows down battles (mana cut, blind).
This should pair up nicely with Telluria’s mana regeneration debuff and really slow up battles.

Norns I don’t have but she should come alive in mixed raiding teams - turbocharging a rainbow attack, for example, by removing weak tiles from the board (by making targets weak to them)…

Re: defence.

I’d rethink the blue flanks - blue stack for BK is neutral on them… A 3.70 Vela isn’t going to survive long enough to fire against diamond level attackers - run a maxed hero there for now (Sartana or Leo).

Once you’ve maxed Telluria and Vela (again - choosing them for attacking reasons!) then you’ll want Telluria at tank and BK/Ariel and Vela on the flanks…
And TBH you’ll definitely want to drop Mother North and most likely either BK or Ariel from that defence - Telluria defences work by buying time while they knock you down, but you need bite in there (MoNo is out because you don’t double tank colour and you’ll only want one of BK/Ariel or you’re adding too much stall at the expense of punch).


My answer is wait. There’s Springvale coming very soon, which may give you more options, and you will also get more info on Norns & Sif, since they are new.

Gonna go with Norns on this one. Her ability to turn a bad board into a good board is underrated imo. I have her at 3.31 and she is next to get darts on my roster.

JF would be my second 5* red to 80. I have santa at 3-70, captain kestrel 1-1, azlar 1-1, 3 elena (with costume) 1-1, khagan 1-1, and 5 more jf (weird game luck plus whaling; I like to call them le petite team) at 1-1 as far as 5* red choices goes.

Thanks. I rearranged and subbed out vela until i can max her. My defense order is now as @Guvnor suggested.

Mother North -> ariel -> black knight -> leonidas -> sartana

So far I’ve picked up Killhare and Malosi. Nothing from wonderland. If I manage to get white rabbit, I think I might go with giving him darts. Otherwise I’m currently have the choice narrowed down between neith and sif. Though as @BubblesUK pointed out, I seem to be lacking some punching so maybe I’ll just have to wait until I pick up whatever holy 5* that would fill that void.

They feel underrated to me too.

Thank you all for the replies.

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I have same problem. I have Ranvir at +9


Marie and Ariel currently have the monk and cleric emblems and Frida is +10 but those will be going to telly soon!

Edit: LJ is +20 so I can reset his emblems too!

I thought Malosi’s niche was at least partly hard hitting Holy 5*. He might be what you are looking for there.

Your answer is easy: do Mist next!

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But I only have 11 orbs :sob:

Even before Jackal?

I’d go with jackal next. He will help you immensely against purple titans, and in war. Plus he’s a 4*, so he doesn’t use up the materials you need for the last tier of 5*.

Worst case, take him to 3.60, and see if you like him enough there.


I have a fully ascended jackal and have no regrets. Finishing up mist and may work up wu while I decide what 5* to dart up.

Edit: in case it isn’t clear, I would say do jackal and mist. Who is LJ? (I’m still new and don’t know all the heroes)

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I would. I’d do Mist, Jackal, then Gretel before thinking of a 5*.

See the thing is I have Wu and Chao fully ascended but I also have another neith at 3/70.

I just feel very neutral about her play style because of her damage. I have my Ariel, Marie, Ranvir, Ursena, Frida, Kingston, Tyr. So I never see a place she’d be crucial.

Do you have 6 darts and the blade/tome? If so, then go ahead with a 5* (Viv or Malosi).

Wu/Chao are less than idea yellows IMO. Mist, Jackal, and Gretel are A grade ones.

I managed to get White Rabbit and Joon at the last minute. Does that change the advise any?

I’d do White Rabbit, he’s excellent.

With Leo already done Joon is less urgent but you’ll want him done too…
Neith is useful but can wait til last of the three IMHO.

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