Ascend Which Yellow

I finally collected 6 Poison Darts, question is, which one do I Ascend?

What yellow 5s do you already have ? And what are you looking for offense teams, defense ?

That is all my yellow 5 star heroes.
I’m looking for all around usefulness.
It will be my second 5 star ascended fully after my Kingston.

I have Bai and Viv in my mono yellow team. Leo doesn’t get into it now

But it all depends what you need. Bai can be ridiculous if you get his timing right. Can totally neuter whole teams or titans.

Viv is of course a fantastic healer, I can deal with the slow.

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Do you own any other Legendary healer? If not, Vivica must be it. Also a lot good for VF tournaments.
If yes, Bai Y. is a lot good for attacking, specially againt damage to all tanks like Ursena and Santa.

Justice is…
Leonidas is not like his myth in this game… His costume looks insanely good, but his normal form is yet to be desiring.

I don’t have Viv or Bai. But I don’t think either of the others are in the discussion

Remaining feedback above is spot on, both Viv and Bai have their place, but if you don’t have an ascended healer at 5*, lean towards Viv

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In my honest opinion, I would wait until the next costume update and see if you get Leonidas. If you get lucky it has to be him.
But if those darts are burning a hole in your pocket it has to be:
Vivica if you don’t have a 5* healer or
Bai Yeong if you do

I have Viv since 2018 and she has been my go to healer in my mono yellow team even if left at 3/70 as she has stats approximately the same with most 4* heroes. I replaced her with fast Lady Woolerton as main yellow healer and I am maxing a second Gullinbursti for future Ninja events to be followed by a third angry pig as I think very-hard-to-obtain poison darts is wasted on Vivica unless you get her costume. Her heal oftentimes comes late in healing due to her being slow. But with her costume bonus, she can be made a bit faster due to the 5% mana bonus and a leveled mana troop.

I also have Leonidas x3 with one at 3/70. Also planned to ascend him only if I get his costume soon.

I also have Justice and several dupe copies were already sacrificed in retraining in Hero Academy level 10. All of them unleveled until I have placed Inari then Guardian Owl to 3/70.

As for Bai Yeong, I don’t have him. His specials doesn’t damage much and he only has below average attack stat, but on paper, he can be very useful against event bosses.

Currently only have 7 maxed yellow 5*, including 2 Gazelles. Currently working on 2nd Joon costume to 3/70 as I have already placed its original version to 3/70. Still have 18 darts in my inventory.

I vote for Vivica…I would go Bai with your second set.

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