What is up with the obsession of trophies?

I dont get why people get upset over losing trophies or try to keep a high amount. I intentionally keep a lower amount so I can win every raid and complete 2 raid chests a day instead of 1. I kept note of all of all the rewards for gold raid chests as opposed to platinum and theres really no noticable difference. Especially not enough to justify making it harder to complete a raid chest. Am I missing something? Or is it just a measuring contest?


- beating your own record
- how many will your def hold without raiding
- possible run for top 100
- in alliance comparison

Upset for losing cups?
Not at all.

Fill 2 chests?
Cup amount doesn’t matter for it.

Ham & iron, but rarely good stuff.


Cups are important because i rather open 2 chests in diamond than in plantium


I’m part of the “good enough” crowd. As long as I can open my chests in Diamond (2400+ cups), I’m happy. I don’t get stressed if my defense gets beaten.

Revenges, on the other hand… :wink: you hit me, I hit you back!


I think that simply because it’s a ‘score’ a lot of people get hung up on it. I wrote a little thing about a ‘good enough’ raid team a month or so ago.


Also you trophy count is part of your Alliance score so you are helping your alliance improve in the rankings.


The number 1 reason I’d say is competitive nature, if you’re gonna play you play to win attitude. Some of us have that attitude and some of us don’t. Either way is completely okay. This is a game first and foremost and should be played however you want to play it. Your trophy count also contributes positively to your alliance score, so I would imagine those people with the win at all costs attitude would be attracted into the same alliances.


For me in all honesty, it really isn’t the trophy count, it’s about learning how to beat either certain heroes or combinations of heroes. I use that experience in the wars.
And I have to agree other than the volume of iron/food there is very little difference between diamond rewards and platinum rewards.


I’m with you @sleepyhead, as long as I’m in diamond I’m not pushing too much.
Now revenges, yeah you came at me bro, now your gonna pay…or I’m going to give you even MORE cups and your going to LIKE it!!!


Agree here 100%. There’s such a small difference, if there is, that it’s negligible IMO. Occasionally you get lucky but that’s all that is, luck.

@JGE, I like trying out new hero’s, new hero combinations on my revenges. I know I have 3 shots and I really don’t care about trophies other than keeping them in diamond just for that tiny chance I may get AM’s. I tend to go against the Meta when experimenting because IMO that’s how you stumble on a great combo. I also like to through some high emblemed 4* in here and there wether I’m running mono, 3/2, 4/1 or 2/2/1. I try to keep it in that range anyway. I feel like SG is trying to push us mono players to more of a 3/2 setup. But that still remains to be seen as more of these new hero are released.

I can tell you I’ve had my absolute worst 2 wars running 3/2 as @Scotp can vouch. So I believe I won’t be experimenting in AW any more :wink:


I am part of the “diamond is good enough” gang. Diamond does give better loots than platinum in the long run.


It’s funny, I’ve played other games with an almost identical trophy system and nobody took it as seriously as people do here. Prevailing wisdom from community forums was that cup-dropping was the smart move to easily get more resource drops. In fact, even if you didn’t want to do it, you almost had to just because everyone else did (you’d lose the shirt off your back from overnight raids otherwise).

I was surprised when I started this game at how seriously a lot of players take trophies. Never seen it as a requirement to join a guild/clan/alliance/team before, never seen the personal disdain that some players have for cup droppers - of course the competitveness was still there, just not dependent on cups.

I should say: I’m not judging anyone one way or another. Just some observations from a traveling gamer. I’ve come around to the E&P way personally just because I like the competitiveness of ranking within our alliance, but would never use it to screen new members or cast aspersions on other players.

In the grand picture, I still consider cup dropping to be acceptable, and even a smart move for some players (especially up and comers) - it’s not against the rules, it’s a legitimate clever-ish use of game mechanics, and it leads to increased rate of progress. What’s not to love? :man_shrugging:


I think it depends on how much harder it is for you to raid in one arena up. I worked really hard and collected two diamond chests recently (very hard mind you, my defense is around 3500TP and my offensive teams usually run around 3000-3300TP). All I was rewarded for that was a boost in ego and some herbs. XD (Marginally more food and iron, but I feel like upgrading food and iron storage affects how much you get more than collecting one arena up.) Ironically I collected a platinum chest the same day as one of those diamond chests and got a sturdy shield. Go figure. I’ve decided it is not worth the rerolls haha, I’m back to comfortably raiding in platinum and don’t worry about cups. I lose a ton every night and get some back revenging. I could probably have a easier time in gold arena but my revenging has kept me in platinum for now. I also like to think of raids as practice for war - this is a big reason why I try to attack teams that are stronger than me. For most people who don’t have maxed out 4* and 5* rosters, you will probably be forced to make under-powered attacks during war. Makes it a lot easier if you’re already used to fighting like that all the time for raids haha. Just my two cents. :wink:


re: differences in loot drops between tiers
I haven’t made it to the Platinum/Diamond break yet, but the Gold/Platinum difference is extra rolls for a coin and a trainer, which sure ain’t nothin’. Agree with @Itty that base building seems to help the food/iron drops more than the tiers do tho.


@PapaHeavy yeah! with me it’s not the number of trophies I gain back, it’s the satisfaction of hitting back someone who thought he or she could hit me, lol!

On a more rational side, I also use them to experiment with different playstyles. Raiding is how I got into mono, for example. And now I’m trying to improve my team-building judgment - when to go mono, when to go 3/2, etc.


All the reasons above for me.

Raiding is one of my favorite parts of the game.

It is good practice for a war :pirate_flag:
It’s by far the best way to test out a defensive line up in true game conditions. I switch around my regular raid defense which helps me to find a suitable war defense beforehand which seems to help my performance on the defensive side of wars.
For me to elaborate a little bit on that I want to be raided by the strongest possible enemies because a lot of the alliances we face in war bring a Ton of heat.

And although not noticeable on just a couple of chest I can guarantee you that the loot is definitely better in a diamond chest. My pattern indicates about every sixth diamond chest usually drops a ascension mat or a gold token and at the least a flask.

And I do love the competition.

But the best part about it all is each of us can do it like we enjoy because that’s really what it’s all about.

Personal satisfaction along with alliance synergy makes it a super fun place to be.

Good day folks stay safe out there.



At the end of the day, that’s all it really is for the average player but if your a player that strives on reaching the higher ranks in the top 100 then yes it’s going to be about keeping those cups high.

For me I don’t do raids that much and not worried about the top 100. Staying casual is fun, playing for the top 100 can become stressful and extremely demanding.

So unless your a big spender with something to prove to yourself or an extremely active player (like hours per day) don’t let cup amounts worry you and have fun playing the game.


Sums up my feelings exactly! very well-said!


Besides Alliance Wars, raids are my favorite part of the game. Mostly because it is great practice for Alliance Wars. Obsessed with trophies? Not at all. As long as I’m in Diamond when I open my chest I’m good. That being said, number of trophies is a way to have some fun within your alliance. Bragging rights and such. And I personally like rerolling for opponents who are well known in the game or in top alliances. And every once in a blue moon I’ll make a run for #1 Global when I’m really bored. Got there once and it felt like an accomplishment. But all in fun and games and I’m never too serious about it.

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I’m not saying all competitive players are like this, but I’ve definitely noticed a crew of players who seem to lack self-confidence in the real world and this is the only way for them to gain some self-esteem; they get to feel like they’re “smarter” than other people by obsessing over an rpg game of luck (+money), thinking that they are master strategists.

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