Strangr raids related?

Hello all,
Just wondering, how high do you think a cups count would be if one doesn’t actively raid.
Let say, revenge only to fill the chest once a week, and a def. team around 2800.
Having fun thinking about stupid things.

I’m around 1500 without raiding very much. Still building my teams. Most of that is from being attacked and a few revenges, against those occasional mostly maxed 5* teams that took 2 of my cups :joy:

Mostly I do revenges, and hover around 2300 cups at high platinum. But I fill the chest once a day, as opposed to once a week.

I think it’s also defense team dependent though. If you cup drop on purpose then you probably can expect to fill your chest pretty quickly using revenges, but you’ll likely fall pretty far down.

Thank you both,
I’m in the same situation, building everything, doing events etc.
The team set up is close to the best i can muster, without triple stacking.
I was just wondering a far i should let it ride, my cups are going up anyway. :rofl:
Thanks again, have fun.

@Wolf9, that’s entirely up to you. I’ve been playing about as long as you have. Fielding a few 4* teams and working on the few 5*’s I have. I’m not a huge fan of raiding but I do love my wars…kinda strange huh? :joy:

Yeah, for some strange reason, i’m the same.

I very rarely raid, if ever. Lately, I might raid enough to fill up my chest during the raid tournaments (My chest is still partially full from last weeks’ tournament). My defense team is 3925, and I hover around 2200 cups. I’ll creep up to 2300 with a bit of luck.

Wow, i have ways to go.
I plan on keeping a strong def. team, it’s more fun going after higher teams anyways. Within reason of course. :stuck_out_tongue:
Have fun.

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