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I am new to this game, but I have a lot of recent experience playing these kind of “premium currency” games (namely Hawk Freedom Squadron). I realized from Hawk that there are many ways to waste gems. So, I am trying NOT to do the same here. I am sorry if this question has already been asked many times, but what do you consider to be the best ways to use gems? I never pay to speed up, but should I save up for something big?


10 pulls for best value. Elemental summom has better odds than epic. Dont pay for daily. Personally i like troop summons as you need a ton to level and you’re guaranteed improvement from gems. Elemental summon only guarantees 3s which do have some value as fodder. Obviously pulling a 5 is better than any troop


Hi…i like to save my gems because on strict budget. Suggest: save gems for absolute needs…specials on element heroes…when looking in store i prefer to buy the “all these included” items. I have cut back on using gems for an extra fight round unless my team is very outranked by powerful monsters.

Ftp shoild never pay for a continue. Inless maybe last stage of a rare quest (20 energy). You’d be better waiting to try again

I have only paid to continue a) rare quest last level where I knew reviving the team would guarantee a win (i.e. opponent almost dead) 2) level 10 on intermediate and advanced on the challenge events where tier completion rewards are insanely good. Since those are on a timer, well, you only have so much time :slight_smile:

Normal levels no way - just wait until your team is stronger.

On topic - I only use them for event summons now. I have enough of a mix of 4 and 5* that the less common heroes are more interesting to me. Prior to that elemental summons on colors I was weakest in. I am still missing a purple 4* and only have one blue 4* so one could argue that for challenge events and titans I could use a few more of those colors.

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Hi… at first, sorry about my english writing.

what about using gems to increase the hero capacity?

and one more question; if before I level up, I spend 50 gems to increase the hero capacity to 25, after level up, my hero capacity will be 25 or 30?

I believe it’s best to increase it when your level is low (it sometimes grows with levels by 5). Up to 85 capacity it costs 50 gems for slots. Then it gets more expensive.

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Depends if the level up up increases capacity or not

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sorry for image…
for example when you level up to lvl 2, it says about hero capacity "20=>25"
if I increase hero capacity to 25 by using gems so when I level up to level 2, hero capacity will be 30 or 25? (because of its word “20=>25”)

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To 30, it increases by 5


To answer your qestion: you will keep your invest (I had the same question).
Not every level-up increases the hero capacity. But You will keep the difference, you made with the invests.

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I like to ask a question a bit deeper on using gems the best way ! It true elemental have a better chance of getting a 4 or 5* hero so know that I ask this is wise to use your gem on the epic where can 10 heros at one time cost of 2600 gems or is it wiser to buy the heros at 1500 gems from the shop?

The chance seems the same to me but with elemental you have more chances to get a double hero with multiple summons.

Is wiser to use 2600 gems for event summons, better if the guardian/knight ones.

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On the elemental heros I was quoting the person above me and my frIst try on the elemental heros I got a 4* & base on that I agree but I am a newbee so what do I know not much! What are the Guardian/Knights! I do know you can buy one hero at a time for 300 gems!

There are 3 events for now:

  • pirates of corellia
  • guardians of tetlock
  • knights of avalon

Where you can play missions like fights (with replayability) with the purpose of scoring more points than other players. In the time they lastbyou can try to summon event’s heroes from the portal.

Unlike the missions you get your rewards winning the final battle (prizes for completion) and when the event ends (prizes related to your performante).

There are 3 different difficulty: beginners, intermediate and advanced, with restrictions limited to 3 :star: heroes/2 :star: troops/2 :star: items for beginners, 4 :star: heroes/3 :star: troops/3 :star: items for intermediate and unrestricted for advanced

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The event difficulties will be renamed in the next update: Rare ( heros 3*, troops 2*), Epic (heroes 4*, troops 3*) and Legendary (no restrictions). So that there is no more confusion about the events being suited/not suited for absolute beginners.


This could prevent n° topics about events being too hard!


Hopefully, we will see… :wink:


OK nice 2 know I look in the Quests & I don’t see it in don’t where else 2 look if you other the time could u please tell me? Thanks 4 everything U been helpful peace!

These special Challenge Events happen once a month, starting on the second Thursday and last until Sunday. So there will be one next week Thursday…

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