What is chest icon at top of map battle screen?

Hi, excuse me if here is not right place for this question.I asked a question but no one knows the answer. What is the icon in up-left of battle screen???there is something like treasure box?
If anyone knows so please tell me how to achieve a lot of it?

I’m not 100% but possibly item drops

No it isn’t. For example Sometimes it reachs to 21 but number of items is more or less than 21.

It is the number of items you receive at the end of the level plus the number of recruits you got as a reward for the level.


Thanks coppersky. Never would have figured that one out on my own

Thank you Coppersky, but do you know how to achieve lots of it?some enemies have but some of them not!

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Here’s a lovely spreadsheet created by Mai. It might be a little out of date, as I think it was created during version 1.5, but still relevant. E&P – Loots and Stats - Google Sheets

Here’s a clip from the spreadsheet. For your question , you’d be focusing on the Item column. As you get loot only if you complete the level, it doesn’t really matter what you get from killing each individual monster. And note, the numbers listed are averages. Each time you run the level it might be a bit higher, or a bit lower.
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