Question about hero/troop spawn rate

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So it‘s clear that you get more loot when you farm higher levels (e.g. 15/9 gives you more loot than 8/7).
My question is, if that also applies to hero and troop spawns. In other words does my chance of getting two 1*/2* plus maybe a 1*/2* troop increase with higher levels?

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You can check this thread:


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For monsters and troops ist says best level is 8-7 ( and also every other level below) which indicates that spawn rates dont differ among levels.
Guess i go back to the roots then as im still Building 6 war teams and especially for the troops ( anyone else with way to few?)

Thanks again buddy

I have more troops than i could possibly eat but that took 2 yrs of a lotta farming and yup i always farmed the low stages(8-7,6-8,5-8) until recently since i need more hams&iron than the 3 flag provinces can offer

But for hero/troop building, 3 flag stages typically best unless AR is goin on