What is the Number in the Battle Chest?


Could someone please explain what does the chest count? It is not items…so what is It?

It’s items+heroes+troops+recruits.
And +1 in some quests because of some reasons only Petri knows :smiley: (something to do with the quest reward being counted as 1 probably)

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When farming, I believe the troops do not count.


Bud’s got it right. heroes, recruits and items make up the chest when farming levels. :slight_smile:

Ty guys! :slight_smile:

Hello, can anyone pls give me a feedback? I gain 15 monsters in map area, but only 9 monsters have been added to the monster chest. How is it counted? And what happens with remaining 6 monsters?

There is probably one of 2 explanations for this:

  1. Do you have an elemental chest? If you do then you have to farm the specific element/color to fill that chest.
  2. Are you looking at the chest that appears next to the food/iron icon when you’re fighting? If so, this actually doesn’t count monsters it is actually the number of recruits + items that you obtain throughout the level.
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ok, the point 2. answered my question. thanx

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