Better items for higher level monsters


Do finishing quests in higher provinces affect the rewards we get? For example, I have been farming 8-7 to complete the quest where it says to beat 150 monsters. Would I get better items if I went to 17-1.

Also does amount of trophies affect the items you get?



If you’re looking for things like boots you have to farm higher than 8-7. Otherwise I do think loot is basically the same barring the write ups to each item saying better chances in certain areas. It depends what you’re looking for.

Trophies do not have any effect on map loot that I personally have noticed.


Unless you want get more experience, there is no reason even now to fight on higher provinces.

Stick to 3 flags energy almost all the time.


Ok. Thanks for the replies.


You have several questions here; I’m just gonna focus on one. If you are trying to fill a rare elemental wanted chest (150 monsters), you should be looking for Province levels that give you the maximum number of monsters of that element (see your main screen, upper left):

I gave you the full list, since I’m not sure where you are on your Province journey.