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I have search and can’t find the answer to this question, even sent to SG thru the game portal and they wouldn’t answer me(not surprised) so decided to put here. When playing any level, event, quest you have loot you get. Is this not calculated and shown in the upper left corner while playing? You have food & iron then beside what I assume is the loot chest with a number. I have been watching and SS various takes at the end of battles showing the final number( usually anywhere from 9 to 34 avg). Then when you go to the loot received screen it shows what you get. However, these don’t always equal. Often being 1 short. Am I understanding calculations incorrectly or are we just getting shorted loot?

I think they count experience as 1 loot?

Not to my knowledge bc then many would be over the chest number. And there are the XP quest.

My understanding is:

Each individual recruit counts as 1 loot.

Then the experience as a whole counts as 1 loot

Then each of the troop/ heroes counts as 1 loot

Then each Ascension and crafting material counts as 1 loot.

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But if the experience counts as loot then wouldn’t logic stand to reason that the chest would equal loot every time? If xp does count as 1 loot then what is the significance of the chest with numbers beside the iron and food count? The iron and food have always equaled exactly the number from the last battle screen but the chest beside it doesn’t equal the loot every time if you count xp or if you do not. Above you see the chest number is 22. If you count xp as 1 loot then you get 22. However, then other times (and I can provide this ) it would constantly be over by 1 or 2. We need a definitive answer from the game developers as to what the chest number represents and if xp is counted as 1 loot slot. I thought it was a simple question for them and why I started my search by looking ingame info and not finding used the game support portal but they said to look here. I looked and looked and looked but couldn’t find a concrete answer or even a hint of an answer for this question.

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You have exactly 14 items of loot on that screen. 8 recruits, 5 crafting or ascension items and one hero.

The loot chest on the final kill at top left is the sum of:

count of recruits from the top section +
sum of all the mats drops (so 2 backpacks+1 leaves=3 etc +
count of hero drops.

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Ty. I knew that I was showing one that was equal vs the one above that is not

Oh, right… the one in your first post, are you quite sure there’s nothing missing off the screenshot that you would scroll along to? (Sorry if that’s so basic as to be insulting, I don’t mean it to be.)

Should be. However it is not always equal and that is why I’m trying to get SG to state for certain. If Guvnor is correct and xp is included we have some messed up calculations. And if xp is not included and it is simply recruits plus drops mats, heroes and troops then we are constantly getting shorted.

No worries I didn’t take it as insulting. But the answer is all is there. When I have more loot then fits i SS multiple times and overlap so I know I have it all.

OK, that’s weird stuff. Think you may have found a small bug!

Bug or built in remains to be answered. Really need someone from SG to answer definite and say what the chest number includes and should it 100% be equal to the loot received. I may have been given some other forum links that are similar but from 2018. If it was happening 3 yrs ago and still is that is not a bug.

Depends on the stage

([Bug] Mine Iron quest loot or Small Treasure Chest from level completion - #19 by WillC23)

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Got an answer from SG thru the portal ingame. So now the question becomes why the inconsistencies in loot earned verses loot given?

I don’t care about counting every “UNIT” of farmable loot, bcoz, it keeps raining for a rigorous farming player like :grinning:

In my experience, RNG has made most aspects about this game a probability - possibility & not a surety…
as many statistically inclined players fail while they try very hard to explain the topics like : Loot / farming locations for specific items, etc…

I simply enjoy playing, instead of wasting time analysing these uncontrollable aspects of the game… It is a GAME :wink:

Wow I’m so glad you commented. :unamused: if you don’t care then how about you don’t comment to some it does matter as over time we are talking a lot of loot missing. So thanks move along.

Moreover it is an aspect the game that shows you should get not a maybe get

Instead of getting emotional, read why I chose to comment… & shared my rationale regarding my choice to not do nit-picking for every unit of “farmable” loot.

Also, If you want ONLY “good & agreeing with you type of comments”, then you should SPECIFY that in your original post…

Good day :wink:

It is not nickpickimg when playing over 3yrs it becomes quite a substantial amount of loot missing. Do you not care about a game not giving what it says it is suppose to? And what I got from you comment was it is all Rng so who cares. Which the game is not and I highly doubt it being truly rng considering the number of times players go in and get boards that just happen not to have the color they bring. But this post is not about RNG it is about the loot it is suppose to give.

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