Reset Lianna emblems?

I’m seriously considering taking her ranger emblems and putting them on buddy instead. If I choose defense/HP all the way, he will have 780def and 1542HP. That’s a dummy thicc 5* butt, and with the 2% mana boost he will charge in 9 tiles with lvl17 mana troop… so then question 2, it’s a funny one, if I did put those emblems on buddy, would he be a better defender in war than unemblemed Lianna or Evelyn? Keeping in mind that my alliance is top 100 lmao


Lianna vs Buddy - I know she’s more scary to face especially with emblems, but buddy I know he’s awesome but… :thinking:.

I’ll be following this thread with interest.


Buddy is a great 4* tank.

But your defensive configuration matters. Would you be putting a fully emblemed Buddy as your tank or do you have a great tank and putting him on 1 of the two flanks?

If you’re putting him on the flank who are you removing or sliding to wing due to his placement.

Lianna despite all the new heroes is still the hardest raw damage sniper in the game.

Edit: My gut says no don’t take emblems away from Lianna but there are a lot of what ifs.


We use purple war tanks and yellow/red flanks so buddy would be left wing in war, if I even put him on my war team. Although I think we might change our minds about co-ordinating flanks it seems to be detrimental to some of our defenders. Mainly people without fast blue heroes. A bunch of people are using Frida on the wing which is obviously not great lol if I could, I would put buddy left flank and he would be debuffing and slowing the attacker down ideally.

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Yeah I assumed as much.

I wouldn’t sacrifice Lianna emblems for Buddy in this case with that information.


I was mainly thinking about offense with buddy, I really want the +2% mana boost. And I’m not convinced emblems are doing very much for Lianna.

I’ve seen some really wonky defense teams in alliances that coordinate flank colors for anything other than yellow flanks with a purple tank, or purple flanks with a yellow tank, since it effectively forces coordination of the wings too.

If everyone has solid options for each slot it would certainly be fine, but that basically means requiring that everyone has specific heroes.

Shaving off a tile is definitely useful, but I find using Average or even Slow heroes is fine for me.

Is the issue that you have enough Fast heroes to choose from that you’re not using much of your non-Fast bench depth, and want to find a way to work Buddy in given the benefits of his debuffs and Minions on Offense?

The only two arguments for Emblems for Lianna are increased survivability, and sufficient damage output to finish off an Emblemed target.

But for both of those, it’s basically just an arms race to keep her treading water where she was relative to other 5* to begin with. So I’d say Emblems are useful but boring for her.

In contrast, on someone like Buddy, they’d be serving to elevate a hero into a more useful role than they originally occupied. That’s good for variety.

So maybe the appeal is about it being fun/novel as much as anything else?


It sounds good now, but you can’t improve him any further. So in a few months when everyone has 5*s at +18, you’re left with two heroes who can’t cut it anymore and you’ll want to do another reset. Seems like you’re better off putting all those resources into getting your mana troop to lvl 23.

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People have sent me videos of them raiding my defense team and I don’t even think Lianna is a great defender. She frequently does nothing. She’s incredible to attack with, Evelyn and Lianna together will kill anything. And I think they do that even without emblems. Boosting Buddy into 5* territory seems really enticing to me, especially the +2% mana boost. I’ve given +2% mana boost to both Rigard and Khiona and the difference it makes is incredible.

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I sort of like the shortcut mana boosts tho and with the raid tournaments, it seems good to spread my troops around. The goal is to make three lvl11 mana troops and two lvl17 for each color and then after that I would start pushing one troop up to lvl23. I’m not sure that +18 5* will make Lianna like obsolete. She already deals with +15 5*’s regularly.

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Yeah, this is an excellent point, at least on Offense where they can be coordinated.

I use Kiril, Frida +0 and Grimm +18 together frequently, and they kill anything too without needing the expense of Emblems on a 5*.

Evelyn +4 and Gregorian +0 can typically kill most targets too — and Gregorian obviously doesn’t hit nearly as hard as Lianna, and the one attack node on Evelyn isn’t making a radical difference.

Both are indications that Lianna doesn’t need Emblems to be fatal if she’s paired with Evelyn.

That’s my experience facing her too. She’s dangerous when the rest of the team is dangerous, but she doesn’t accomplish much on her own.

It’s rare that she’s the most troublesome defender, and if she is, it’s a good indication the Defense isn’t particularly strong.

I’m not entirely sold on the mana boost being the most enticing part, but I definitely agree that boosting Buddy into 5* territory is hugely appealing — and I think a very smart choice for Offense at the least.

The Defense argument is a little dicier if he’s stuck in a corner, but if your alliance switches up the flank coordination, he could have a meaningful role there.


I wouldn’t choose Buddy in my case. Id much rather face Buddy in a flank position in war than Lianna. Too many counters for Buddy, where there is nothing to counter Lianna but heals.

I love Buddy and I think he is one of the best heroes in the game. A virtual 5* that was hard to replace (took Kingston for me to switch him over to a B team). However, is still irreplaceable for titans. Ive always felt his best strength is that he didn’t need emblems.


Yeah ideally he wouldn’t be defending on the wing. Like if I gave him the emblems I would probably stick a naked Evelyn on the wing, atleast she dispells buffs lol
You aren’t a fan of the mana boost eh?
It basically turns an average hero fast. I know it’s still not technically fast as it’s 9 tiles and fast heroes are 8 tiles. But if you make 3 matches of 3, which is pretty typical, they will charge together. That tenth tile for average heroes without the mana boost can be the difference between success and failure lol

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I’m not a fan of it necessitating a Mana Troop at a specific level.

That’s also why I’m not a big fan of Mana Troops in general.


I’d like to resurrect this thread but with a slight change to question

Continue embleming Lianna or start Buddy? What’s more worth it.

Context: I have hardly any greens

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Probably worth sharing the emblems out.

I’ve stopped my lianna at exactly the same point (+9). I’m holding the rest of my ranger emblems tho for seshat when I finally get around to maxing her (got the mats just not the time)


What do you mean by showing them out, sorry? Thanks mate

Typo. Should say sharing.

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Got it. Yes, I’m inclined to buddy him up

For context, I used to use buddy on titans for the defence down HOWEVER I found that his very low attack stat was hurting my hits, even with the defence down.

I swapped him out for a bigger hitter and do more damage per tile now.

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