Is Rumpelstiltskin really that bad? Please share your experiences if you have him

Hi, I did a 10x pull last event trying to get Hansel, but got Rumpel instead.
The only blue heroes I have are Sonya 4/48 and another sonya at 3/60.
Is it worth it to lvl up Rumpel once I’m done with the first sonya or should I wait till I get a better hero?

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Rumple is not a bad hero. Some people are not fond of the “gambling” aspect of his specials and like a little more predictability regarding what their heroes will be doing when they are set off. There is absolutely no harm in training Rumple up to 3-70 and trying him yourself. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. As far as taking him all the way to 4-80, well, there are a LOT of strong blue heroes to choose from and the choice is yours.


I love it, he is crazy.
no good for monthly events.

He’s not bad at all, just that his special is a gamble. He’s better on a defensive team.

I use it in offensive raid. I think is a fun character, good for support party. his special help me, the cure is always good and the buff is great vs zeline isarnia etc (2 special is good). just my opinion, I dont find it so bad, but he was my third blu heroes, I dont know athena was coming back.

Actually, I think Guardian Owl is the only bad hero. The rest are just not as good as others, but not bad. If heroes didn’t have to compete for insanely scarce ascension mats, the differences would be as huge.

Rumpelstiltskin is a good hero and probably top ranked in the fun level. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, materials are hard to come by so other heroes are going to get leveled instead.

I have used him a bit. I will probably keep him at 70 unless matts become easier to get. Heck, Id take up Boss Wolf if I had the mats.

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He’s a good tank. I don’t like attacking Rumplestiltskin tank teams.

Rumpel is amazing! He’s so much fun to play on offense, and great for stacking. I hardly get a chance to attack him in raids, because I don’t think many people have him. So far, I’ve heard he’s hard to take down on defense. I just moved him to tank position to see how well he plays there. He’s amazing. You denfintely want to max him.


I’ve got him at +9 emblem. Fun to use due to unpredictable special which are all very useful with the skull being the trump card.
Surprisingly, so far he drew mostly skull and crosses.
Use him as a tank in AW and he once managed to took away 11 flags from the opponents.
One of the mainstay in my mono blue raiders.
Only replaced by Miki against red titan.

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I’ve had him maxed for many months. Super fun hero.

Half my raids, I bring Frida + Magni + Ariel.

The other half, Rumple + Frida + Magni

He’s real fun in that 3-stack because all 3 of his casts are devastating: Attack Up/Defense Down stacks with Frida’s elemental. Heal/Cleanse and he might as well be Ariel. Poison Dot and he’s like an average speed Azlar. Too fun.

He also looks cool because his deck of cards are animated. Very fun hero.


Anyone else using rumple, enjoying him? Wish you had or hadn’t maxed him over other heroes… not a lot of feedback here so far, would love to see a bit more as I’m looking at spending scopes on him as well potentially.

Rumpelstiltskin was my first blue 5* I maxed. However, my decision maxing him was based on the fact that I maxed 30 4* first. If I was in your position, I would wait until maxing Rumpel and focus on having 30 4* hero first before touching him. Run TC20, maybe you will get a better 5* but till then i would not focus on any 5* as 4s are the staple of the game prior to leveling any 5.

@amessofamind , Who else do you have to choose from?

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Depth isn’t really an issue for me, so any hero I max is just to add some fun for the most part. Alice (I have snipers), Rumple or Miki (I do very well vs titans as is) are my 3 that are getting some looks currently (but I probably won’t max anything until my next / last shot at Ariel in feb). Just looking for some feedback on his usability, who he pairs well with, things of that such or if he’s just too unreliable overall.

@amessofamind personally I’d do Miki (if you hitting 12* or higher and don’t have Tarlak) Alice is so good, especially with emblems Rogue class helps here a lot. If you want to have fun, Rumpelstiltskin we be just that. He’s not unreliable at all, you just don’t know what you’ll get between the 3 specials. I do not regret maxing him.

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Thanks for the feedback, Miki is a contender for sure, but I do have ranvir and tarlak maxed already and feeding even more mats for titans is not as… fun (especially when, if I want Miki to survive at 3/70, I can make that work fine)… anyway, thanks for the additional info on him. He seems fun and the hybrid heal / hit seems he could fit into some solid builds… the average speed is my only real concern (and a bit of the attack up defense down portion) as I’d like to pair him with frida and I don’t have 2 23 mana troops haha.

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@amessofamind no problem at all! Since you have Ranvir and Tarlak, I would go ahead and maxed Rumpel and have fun with him.

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Rumpelstiltskin is fun to use. His three specials help big time. I don’t find him unreliable at all.
His healing is almost on par with Kiril’s. And he cleanse just like Zim and Viv.
His attack is as devastating as Azlar’s or Quintus’ at average mana speed.
His -34% def down on enemies and +48% attack on allies is even more useful in tight battle.
Not to mentioned the good tiles damage.

Whichever special he cast, it will benefit the team. A good support hero who does more damage from the flank.
He is my only socerer besides Sabina so some of the 798 emblem goes to him. Will consider giving him more if I don’t pull other socerer soon.


Rumpel is a game changer. He’s no regret. He pairs well with anyone. His star attack boost equal to a plus 80-90% (DEF down for enemies ATTK up for all allies) including special attack so you could see how damaging this could be paired with for example Ursula. He turns snipers into a killing machine, he heals, dispel ailment, attacks all and deal a great amount at that too, for average mana. Many has said he’s mostly good for offense, but from experience, he’s defensive as well.


Not to mention high tile attack, def and HP

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