Is Rumpelstiltskin really that bad? Please share your experiences if you have him

Hi, I did a 10x pull last event trying to get Hansel, but got Rumpel instead.
The only blue heroes I have are Sonya 4/48 and another sonya at 3/60.
Is it worth it to lvl up Rumpel once I’m done with the first sonya or should I wait till I get a better hero?

Rumple is not a bad hero. Some people are not fond of the “gambling” aspect of his specials and like a little more predictability regarding what their heroes will be doing when they are set off. There is absolutely no harm in training Rumple up to 3-70 and trying him yourself. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. As far as taking him all the way to 4-80, well, there are a LOT of strong blue heroes to choose from and the choice is yours.

I love it, he is crazy.
no good for monthly events.

He’s not bad at all, just that his special is a gamble. He’s better on a defensive team.

I use it in offensive raid. I think is a fun character, good for support party. his special help me, the cure is always good and the buff is great vs zeline isarnia etc (2 special is good). just my opinion, I dont find it so bad, but he was my third blu heroes, I dont know athena was coming back.

Actually, I think Guardian Owl is the only bad hero. The rest are just not as good as others, but not bad. If heroes didn’t have to compete for insanely scarce ascension mats, the differences would be as huge.

Rumpelstiltskin is a good hero and probably top ranked in the fun level. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, materials are hard to come by so other heroes are going to get leveled instead.

I have used him a bit. I will probably keep him at 70 unless matts become easier to get. Heck, Id take up Boss Wolf if I had the mats.

He’s a good tank. I don’t like attacking Rumplestiltskin tank teams.

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