What do you do with surplus of food?

I’m afraid I have this problem because I progressed in the game far enough. Been playing for almost two years.

ok sorry…re-allocating emblems then ?

are you leveling you heroes? do tc19 and tc2 when your food storage and farms are full. pump out 1* and eat them until there is no food left. rinse and repeat every few days.

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Surplus of food??

Is this an actual thing? :joy::joy:

I can never get enough of the stuff!


A good resource of recruits is the advanced house. At level 5 it gives you 3 recruits per hour, 72 per day.
Another good resource of recruits is S2-15-9 while Atlantis rising, you’ll get ~30 recruits / 4WE

Later in the game, you will regret each missed ham, trust me.
If I feel, that I have a surplus of hams (stored in TC20) I switch one TC to 1,2 or 19.
but be careful with TC19, your hams will be burned in a very bright fire.

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Also depends on how deep your pockets are for pulling hero’s.
If you can’t pull that many,you won’t need that much food to level up hero’s at a certain point anymore.

My sinks are always troops first.
If you have some left emblems (most of the time no option due to shortage in emblems)
Stashing more and more into TC is okay but not my first go to (2xTC20 200+ days, 1x TC11 2+ years)

This is very rare problem of mine, but I usually craft minor or regular mana potions.

I tend to run out of these when I need my food the most. This way, I have that ground covered when the time comes.

When I have both food and iron, I craft harpoons. In my alliance every 6 days I need to use 4. When I have a surplus of them, I can convert my lodge back to something more useful and not need to worry that I won’t be able to craft them when it’s my turn. Which will become critical issue when we get Hero Academy.

Troops - only if I have spare 3 stars or very close to level up with 2 stars. I just hate to see hundred of thousand of food spent for 3 pixels of progress on the xp bar.

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I wish I had the same problem as you. Here is what I do with my food:

  1. Levelling troops - This will drain your food very quickly. I’m sure you will have a few spare 1* feeders to spare (not that it is efficient)
  2. Work on those 3* and 4* heroes I have been neglecting - Always nice to build up more roster depth especially with these raid tournaments and challenges
  3. Embleming heroes - especially 5* heroes at the higher tiers which will suck your food and iron very quickly
  4. Craft mana and super mana potions - Always nice to have a large supply of them. And maybe one day participate in challenge events?

20 feeding troops…
i never have enough food

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Irons yeah but food, I have never had surplus food…Troops, TC20 bank gulp them all.

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How many 5’s do you have at 80? What level are your troops? What titans do you fight?

9-10* titans, I have set of 4* mana troops at 13, bumping them further. All 5* that I have are at 80, though I have only 9 (if you don’t count duplicate Quintus).

Thanks all. I forgot (for a moment) about troops, can bump my set of mana troops further until I have feeders. Researching AL just for the sake of completness sounds reasonable. Working on heroes - as F2P I don’t have huge inflow of new 5*.

Wish I had a surplus of food… Most definitely one of the biggest bottlenecks in the game. My mana troops are currently sitting at lv 12. Haven’t worked on them for months and have no idea when I’ll actually have some spare food to do so. At least everyone on my defense finally reached node 18, so the emblem front will let up a bit eventually.

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By the time your 4* troops are approaching lvl 18, and onward to 23… etc …the toll of high demands on food will set in…

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Just leave it on farms.

I have not collected food from farms since 2019 November.

Playing since 2017-September.

Lab 2.0

Alchemy Lab 1.0 was useless.

But Lab 2.0 can be useful.


Click for notes


Lab 2.0


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Give it to me!!!

Here it is my priority order…

EDIT: Maybe now Lab and HA is also a great food to waste.
But I think it will be better if there are a building or any tool for converting food into a bundle, that will be awesome!

I had figured out long ago how to waste over abundant food supply. Give them to the poor :heart_eyes:

But those suggested above are good. Another angle i would suggest. Convert a training camp to do either TC1, TC2, TC3 or TC19 functions. They are food and recruit extensive, especially TC19 if you have thousands of rugged clothes as they spew 1 star feeder every minute. It will keep you busy while leveling your heroes spending that surplus of food. Soon, you’ll be complaining about the lack of food and you’ll return in the forum complaining about it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


9 max 5’s in two years is kinda low unless you have horrible “luck” in tc20 and free pulls. Run 3 tc20 / 1 tc11 until you get several 5’s to work on. Store all your recruits and food in them. TC12 seems like a waste for someone with so few 5’s.

You have less than 100m food stored which can be easily depleted by troops. Your troop levels are also kinda low too. Farm low energy stages like 8-7 in season 1 to get more troops per world energy.

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