I messed up my game by

I messed up my game :persevere: My food is full but:

I can’t build troops because I didn’t convert to a barracks before starting a double build
I can’t make battle items because I don’t have the crafting material
I can’t put 100 recruits into level 20 training because I don’t have any at the moment
I can’t take any out of level 11 training BECAUSE my food is full! :zipper_mouth_face:

Reroll on Raids to dump food.

Withdraw from TC11 to get Recruits.

Put 100 into TC20.


Maybe you could research something.

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Go 8-7, then train heros by the highest food depleter available. You will also get craft mats and heroes to feed and spend the food you get.

Stop starving your troops and heroes !!!

Feed them before they start a revolution and mess up your game WAY WAY more!!



I couldn’t do that because my food was full!

I did get some great advice though, which I wasn’t thinking clearly enough to figure out by myself …

I never use major healing pots so it never occurred to me to make a bunch, empty my food, do my missions and then put the 100 recruits into level 20.

I’d rather be building troops but at least I’m not wasting food and I can easily back out the food from those healing pots.

Lesson learned! NO double builder unless I’ve converted my barracks!


Because you skipped the first step. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


True, I did miss that. My way was much quicker though and I didn’t feel like I was wasting food by doing it.

I certainly wasn’t able to think of ANY solutions by myself so I’m grateful for all the suggestions :grin:

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This post prevented a future mistake for me, I’m 1 day from finishing my tc20 research yet my recruits max out at 90 instead of the required 100. Guess i know what my second builder should be doing now.
Thanks for helping me avoid disaster for a day or so lol


This is where upgrading a craft to 20 comes in handy as these moments when you feel stuck is the perfect time for you to craft the bigger battle items for events.

Try this…