Why are *you* out of food?

I have a level 23 stronghold.

A have a level 1 advanced farm, a level 18 farm…
And then 7 little level 10 farms.

I don’t run out of food. Yeah, I find myself low when I level an advanced mine. But other than that, I spend small dimes & nickels putting more recruits into camp, but that’s about all I’m spending food on. Meanwhile, I hear from many other players my level that food is what they get short on.

Gets me thinking I may be wasting my resources. My food storage is usually full or nearly so. What would you suggest I use it on?

Heroes, troops, items make sure I’ll never be full on food


I have an advance farm , one lvl 20 and the rest lvl 19 but upgrading .

I always run out of food because im always crafting things , embleming or upgrading troops(the last one is the most food consuming )

When i Rush a 5* like i did with jean francois It happens too but not so brute like when i train troops.


All farms maxed & I make sure that I keep running out of food.

Like @Rigs; between Troops, Hero Levelling & Items I am always using all my food up :wink:


How did you go about rushing Jean-François? I see some people online somehow get a maxed & emblemed HotM on the day of its release. But I’ve had Telluria for a whole month now, and she’s still barely short of reaching her last ascension.

I usually have one training camp doing the 2-day potential 5* training, and 3 others cranking out a hero every 2 hours.

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When l Rush a hero i usually do two tc 2 running 24hs and another fluctuating between TC 3 , TC 1 or TC 2 depending on what i want for the moment . The 1* i use most for the first level of the hero until it reaches 30. For example until 1/30 then i give the hero the 2* . When It reaches 2/0 i repeat the process. When training a 5* you can mix some 1* and 2* but 1* are more useful in the first levels


I think what you say that people rush the HOTM in one day is because they storage the feeders and keep the traineers . They keep them storaged until they pull the hero they want


lol i was reading and responding to you in the other thread while you were starting this one.


2 advanced 5 farms, rest at 20. Low on food because I just fully ascended and put emblems on 2 5* heroes in the past 24 hours — JF and Telluria.

I have screenshots to show that I maxed Tell in a month. A week and a half of that was sitting at 3/70 waiting for tonics. From that final ascension to max was 6 days, 20 hours.

You’re not doing anywhere close to enough training. I run a 20, an 11, a 2 and the last runs as 1/19/11 depending on how much food I have (19 burns it fast), and how many recruits I want (used 1000 in the past week).

Other than that — as others have said, making items eats resources. Mana potions (regular and super), harpoons, and tornadoes for titans. Dragon attacks, bombs, axes, and arrows for challenges and trials.


I am currently out of food, because I just finished a bag of chips. Oh, there are some black jelly beans here, not out, actually.

Seriously it goes to leveling troops, leveling heroes, and crafting stuff. If you are almost full on food, use your food to craft antidotes, or mana potions, or level troops. Do things that you KNOW you will use, not (for example) minor healing potions.

I have just realized how odd a belch tastes when it’s a combination of black licorice and tortilla chips.


I currently use minor healing potions for 14* titans. I’m trying to save food.

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And clearly, that’s something you know you’ll use, so for you it’s good. I am in an alliance where we top out at 8*, and also I crafted a bunch very early on, whene I had surplus food - wish I had been a little, okay a LOT more judicious. I think I went to 1500 on my own.

I have 2747 right now, and haven’t crafted them in a long time, unless it’s a POV requirement.

My alliance is still on 5* titans, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(for full context I’ve only been playing for about 100 days, so I’m clearly still in the “building” phase of the game cycle)

I have a never ending list of heroes that need to be leveled, and even when I finally run out of trainers and think I can take a breather, I realize I’ve upgrade my barracks enough I can put another 4 levels on my troops, and those easily cost 300-500K+ food per upgrade per troop.

All farms will be at 17 by Friday, just finished SH20 a week ago so a while to go before I get to advanced buildings.

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I understand. We were there. You just have to find things you’ll use for a long time to use food on. I’ve found antidotes ( all kinds, but especially the small ones) to be good choices.

Mostly because of troops. Was lucky and I’ve got a rainbow of 4 stars (not all mana though sadly) without spending anything, and they’re all between L14~17. Drew my purple 4 star 2 weeks ago and I’ve been power levelling them, eats food like crazy. Also got a rainbow of 5 star heroes I’m working on using backpacks, not as hungry as the troops but uses a fair bit. I run 3 tc20s as well, uses a decent amount too. Any rare extra food goes into harpoons, but it’s been a while since i made any of those. I’m about to run out of feeder troops and then I’ll switch to tc1/19 on my last camp for a while to use up some clothes and practice swords. That’ll eat food up quick too

Had all buildings maxed before today and was bored so was working on the Alchemy Lab. Currently i’m only missing 3 more alchemy research(2-4). Besides that, Heroes and Troops. Although those don’t keep me out of food all the time, only when i go on my leveling binges.

I am out of food nonstop for around 9 months now.

Heroes, troops, mana pots for events and titans = 0 food all the time


I also was at the point where I was always short on iron, but my food storage was full all the time. I was wondering, why everyone was having so much trouble with food. Heck, I was even dumping food in Alchemy Lab Lvl2 for 3 days straight cause I didn’t know what else to do with that. How much do I regret this now!

At the moment my focus is on leveling heroes and occasionally embleming, producing items and leveling troops. I was lucky with 5 stars lately and also still have 4s on the bench, so I will be leveling heroes probably for a few more months until I finally can setup my TCs for power leveling. Then I will put my main focus on troops (my highest set is on 14 right now). See, I have more or less plan for my food for the next months! Recently I transferred 14 emblems from Aegir to Telly, that took me about a week. When the resource bundles in POV came out, I thought the iron food will be much more useful. Well, I still have most of them while most of my food bundles from POV 1+2 have already been used up.

I do about 1-2 hours TC19 per day, level troops when I can and crafting items. All my farms are lvl 20, with one Adv. at lvl 5.

Sadly, no food saved in TC20 until I get a second TC to 19 :frowning:

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