Best way to "waste" food?

Now I get way they call you “bard of the forum” :grin::grin::grin: Definitely the most “poetic” way of getting rid of unwanted food!

What use are hoards
Of victuals rotting,
Iron rusting
Recruits forgotten

Light the forge
And bend your back
Strike the anvil
Ashen black

Call out the guard
Ere they come
Raise the banner
Beat the drum

'Tis the way
Forever more
Charge headlong
To Total War


Hey, I really enjoied “Six Flags”! So nowadays!

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If your intention is to do the same, then start crafting everytime your ham allow you to do it.

Since alchemy eat ham, if you craft and do alchemy at the same time you need to have double ham then before.

Ok will do.

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  1. Upgrading your mines or watchtower
  2. 4 star troops use a lot of food
  3. TC 19: It’s the most efficient use of your recruits to produce XP, but very intense on food.
  4. Making mana potions for later.
  5. If all of that fails because you’ve run out of mats in #3 and #4, just store the food in TC20.

I had the same problem as you, but I didn’t use TC 19 when I should have.

Give me more rugged clothes Iand I will :wink: Due to lack of them I train all others I can…even one and first level with swords and backpacks.

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I keep a barracks at all times, because I feel leveling up troops is a better use of surplus food than most other things. However, I am often either out of feeder troops or don’t have 10 of the same color.

I will forge items when I need them, but I have a solid surplus of most things. Right now, I was building a stock of harpoons, up over 100 at this point, and just got SH 23 done, so now will have things to use food/iron on again quite nicely, with conversions.

“Wasting” food in this game is easy, I would prefer, on my side, you explain me how to have more ^^.

What level are you now @Ziel05?

My SH is 20, all my farms are 20, after reach level 19 on one training camp, 13 and 11 for the others and 16 with my forge, I’m presently upgrading my food storages to 20. Then I will complete Iron Storage to 20 before SH 21.

As my alliance is a little one I have no rush with new building, Im focus on advanced storage, food and mine.

On hereos side I have ton to upgrade and I have a decent amount of AM also… Plus emblems, plus preparing challenge quest and event…

So yes I don’t understand how you can have too much food, I don’t even know when I will start to upgrade my troops…

No worries @Ziel05. Some of us are at a point where you cannot use the huge amount of food we get from the mills. Just as example. I just produced some 6 harpoons as I currently upgrade my stronghold for a few days and don’t need the iron. Well, my food is nearly full again…

Hello! I am a relatively new player (~2-3 weeks) and have learned a lot by reading these boards! I wanted to ask about an issue I haven’t seen addressed…

What is the best use of food, if you do not have a hero waiting to ascend? My SH is at 11, my TCs at 11/11/4, and I think I leveled my farms too high as I now am consistently having too much food to use. I want to try to get to TC13 before I upgrade food storage (currently 7/7/6) but feel I have to do food storage so as to not waste food.

I even took my outpost to level 11 just to use up excess food. I don’t have enough recruits to effectively ‘bank’ food in TCs. Any suggestions on what to do would be appreciated!

A few things to consider would be:

  1. Mine or Watchtower upgrades
  2. Research (ex. new levels of the Forge, Training Camps, Alchemy Lab, and Hunter’s Lodge all require food to research)
  3. Leveling Troops in the Barracks
  4. Crafting any variation of Mana Potions and Healing Potions, Antidotes (and later, Revive Scrolls) from the Forge
  5. Training Camp 20 trainings (once you’re further along)
  6. Emblem Node Advancement for the Hero Talent Grid (this also uses Iron)
  7. Rerolling to your heart’s content for beatable Raid opponents (useful, but not as productive)
  8. Transmuting craft items in the Alchemy Lab (when you are much further along)

thanks! I think I’ll do troops since my tower and mines are already at the level of my SH

ironically, I was just telling someone in my alliance not to invest in the barracks yet because it’s too expensive

The Troop Leveling at the Barracks is VERY expensive on food if you have the troop feeders for more lucrative 3* and preferably 4* troops. It’s a good waster, if you have the feeders, and a very necessary part of the game in order to advance far in the Seasons.

i use a lot of antidotes against titans- mats for those shouldnt be a problem

That’s a good point. I edited my post to include that. Minor antidotes are very useful in negating Burn Damage from Fire titans, Poison Damage from Dark Titans, Defense Down from Ice Titans, Attack Down from Nature Titans, and Blinding Effect from Holy Titans.

Very good point on the antidotes.

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Like using 1* heroes to level 5* heroes, troops are only expensive because 75% of loot troop drops are 1* troops.

Rumors from Beta say Hero Academy creates 1* to 4* troops. So troop training might become cheaper. Or not. SGG makes a lot of money from energy refill micro transactions.

Resource surplus

To answer you original question, it has been over 157+ days since I collected from training camps or farms.

I think @zephyr1 has finished their base ( until Stronghold 24 is released). So iron piling up.

Some times spending food (farms ), iron ( mines ), or finished recruit training ( camps ) is not an option or not the best option.


A recommended build order:

You have max food and not enough recruit. These are what I do until now.

Run 3 TC20 and 1 TC 11. TC 11 is good to keep recruits … usually I farm recruit during atlantis season 2. 6. 9. I got at least 20 recruit just using 3 discount ticket. I keep these extra recruit on TC 11. My TC 11 have more than 360 days to finish training my extra recruit. When I have extra food, i take 100 recruits from TC 11 and I add training in TC 20 …

But when I need extra food I will take food from TC 20 and all the extra recruits will be keep in TC 11 …

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