What determines war rewards?

I was unable to find any useful information on this - maybe nothing has ever been published or tracked?

To be clear, I’m interested in learning more about both the rewards after a war is either won or lost AND the war chest.

In terms of the single war result, all I’ve ever seen is Victory Tier, or (I forget the exact wording) the Defeat Tier. It doesn’t seem to matter how many points an individual scored, or how many flags they used. I have seen nothing about tiers in terms of the war chest.

One thing I’m specifically wondering about is if the SIZE of the alliance affects these drops. The alliance I"m in is trying to make some decisions about our future direction, and this may matter. We’re perfectly happy fighting our wars with a relatively small group of ~12 motivated players, but I want to make sure we’re not diminishing our rewards (i.e., if they would be greater in wars involving 25+ participants on each side).

From what I have seen, the size of the alliance and the individual scores do not affect either the individual war rewards or the war chest.

That said, as an alliance of 12, you are necessarily limited in the size of the titans you’ll be able to take down. Titan rewards very definitely improve with higher scores and with more powerful titans.

If everyone in your alliance can get to Loot Tier IX, that’s the point where you get 3 ascension item rolls instead of 2. That’s a C grade on a 9* titan (1% of the titan’s health) or a B grade on an 8* (3.3% of the titan’s health).

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I agree with the above post. I will add the war chest, although not tiered, is percentage based. I’m not sure if anyone has worked out the mat rolls based on percentage of participation yet. I can personally attest that the higher your percentage the better your loot. I was absent for a few wars in my old alliance and got zero AM in the war chest. Next few chests I had 100% participation and got at least one AM.

Note: number of flags used does not count towards participation percentage. One only needs to use 1 flag to have full participation for that war. Although I wish this would change myself. I feel participation should only be 100% if all flags were used in every war.


I sorta fib and tell my alliance members that using all their flags helps give them better war loot. I’m a horrible leader. (Sarcasm)


Thank you, everyone, for your responses!

@NPNKY, thank you for the information. I hear you about Titans. We have more than 12 members, but some of them don’t want to do wars, which I understand. I think we aspire to harder Titans, but the truth is they’d one shot so many of our current members that it’s hard to see that it’d be much fun. But we’re patient; maybe we’ll grow and get there.

@Alyssaann1014, thank you for addressing participation. That’s another aspect of war I’ve wondered about. I agree with you that it’d be nice if flags were taken into account and am disappointed to hear that that’s not the case (especially since it seems like that would be a fairly easy programming change). When someone doesn’t use their flags it really hurts the chances of victory, so it feels right that that be accounted for in the chest.

@Starryeyedgryph, yours strikes me as a reasonable solution! Maybe I’ll mention that I’m not sure if using more flags gives better loot, but some people think it does.


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