Do stronger war alliances get better chest rewards?

My alliance now has the resources to consider a war defense of all green tanks. I want to know whether this is worthwhile.

I’m under the impression that war chest rewards are the same for all alliances regardless of their power. Top and low-league alliances get paid the same when their chests cap out. Is this true?

If this is true, I expect our win rate will eventually stabilize again, and our war chests will give the same rewards as older days. Our win rate will be higher for a while, but then we’ll just find ourselves working harder for the same prizes. If this is true, I’d rather not go for all green tanks because I don’t savor the thought of facing stronger alliances in the future without greater reward.

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All war chests, like the elemental chests, have been nerfed to be only filled with useless garbage. I have three accounts and its been over a year since i got a 4 star ascension item from colored chest - so tired of getting 3 silver tokens and 20 emblems from rare elemental chests

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And war chesta also been nerfed - i used to get excited for both as they used to have good loot in the beginning

And cue the stupid responses from people that say they get great stuff from both, well woopie for you, mine have completely sucked for over a year

Eh, well, whether they’re up to par or not, are 100% participation chest rewards for a top 100 alliance better than a 100% chest for a battle squad of 5 newbies? Or is there a real reward for better war performance?

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I don’t think there is a real better reward for better performance anywhere in this game. Revards are mostly “random” with a tiny, tiny, tiny chance for quality loot.


All the good loot available in 14* titans slaying.
That means , they indirectly forcing us to join higher clans.

Titan loot has become pretty bad for even 14* titans lately. I kill them daily, and achieve B loot or higher, and the last 2 weeks +, I havent received a 4* mat, and half of them I havent even received a non farmable mat. The less good loot I get, the less I spend. You think SG would see that players are spending less the stingier they get, but I swear they ignore the obvious.

A very good question. I hope somebody will be to respond seriously.

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They should see that from their metrics. Obviously, logic tells us that since they do ignore most of our requests and pleas, players must have been continuously spending still. Any players, newish or intermediate or old, who have been spending less lately, or none anymore, are just but minor or negligible. They may even have exceeded still their projected target revenue each month. Just look at every events thread where discussions on summoning results are posted. You’ll be amazed on how many players spend on the portals, x10 pulls and x30 pulls, multiple x10 pulls and x30 pulls. Some even exceeded a hundred pulls in a single event from that portal. And that’s just from forum users. We don’t even see the summoning results of those non-forum users, who are out there, minding their own business, never bothering to share their sentiments, if any. Youtubers also made tons of summoning just for their channels.

Just because we have been spending less (or not anymore) that we are thinking other players may have also been stopping their game expenditures. We are wrong. Dude, we are so wrong. I can only imagine them laughing at the #NoSpend movement made last year.


I still haven’t gotten an answer yet. Does anyone even know?

As far as I can remember from my experience in E&P and having done war across most level of alliance, the loot does not improve. A FFA strategy employed by a new alliance or a coordinated tanks/attacks approach by the high ranking alli, all get the same shot at good loot. The only defining factor is whether or not you’ve managaged to achieve 100% participation when the chest opens. Other than that, you’re in the hands of RNGesus.

I think if the loot was better for running more strategic wars, then every alliance would be on board with that by now.


I dunno about various levels of alliances as I have been only in 3 alliances for the 3 years I am on the game. The first one was a training alliance, where a select few of us left due to dead leadership because the leaders, coleads and some members were inactive for months already. We made a new alliance and it is still standing since the middle part of 2018. I was then “chosen” to be migrated to another alliance (back then, we were able to come up with a partnership with a much stronger alliance, still is up and running till today and we were able considering our alliances as mutual alliances where stronger players go to them while weaker members go to the alliance we created) for me to learn war strategies. After a few months, I returned to the breakaway group after learning so much from the sister alliance and resumed leading it.

In all those times, I didn’t tally or record the ascension mats gathered from those 3 alliances thru titan and wars. One thing is certain for me though, ascension mats are given every now and then, regardless of the number of stars of the titans and its chests and the war and chest results. Sometimes they are there. Most of the times, they aren’t.

The only thing I find more logical is for stronger elite alliances, since they open their war chest in far lesser amount of time than most alliances do, they have more chances of getting ascension mats from them. With regards to titans, 14* titans do provide more ascension mat loot roll, and more so if you are highly graded. And since they skip none, it only means that they open titan chest more often than most alliances do. It is akin to summoning. The more you summon, the more chances of getting the desired heroes (just check some YouTube videos where dupe legendaries obtained from portals are being fed to heroes being leveled). So, the more chests you open in the least amount of time (be it war chest or titan chest), or the more high leveled titans defeated consistently, I would understandably expect them players there have more chances getting ascension mats.


Very true, although I’m guessing even at the very top they lose occasionally.

I read the OP as asking if better strategy paid better loot though, and, again imo and experience, that had zero impact on the loot. I’m not even sure if SG could write that into the code tbh.

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Yeah. But not as often as my alliance do. They still open their war chest far quicker than my alliance. Ours open close to a month, maybe more. They can open as quick as 2.5 weeks at least.

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It’s random. I have accounts in very competive, and then more relaxed. Loot seems to be about the same, but chances go up if you open more chests. So to fill them faster you will need to win more often…
Hope that helps!
Plus, it’s just more fun to win then to do just a so-so war where no one seems to care.Do your best!


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