War chest ,question

" * War Chest participation no longer resets when leaving the Alliance. It now resets when participating in a war for another alliance."

Excuse me my silly question but not understand this. So for example got 19 points right now and want to join/create new aliance are all my points will reset to 0??? Thx in advance

The amount of points in the chest is tied to the alliance you are in. The % participation is “personal” If you start a new alliance your war chest will have 0 points and you will have 0% participation.

If you join another alliance the chest will have as many points as the alliance has, but your participation will be 0%

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In practice it means you can go out donating titan flags, then return without losing your participation % in the war chest of the same alliance.

But if you join a new alliance and join their war, then your participation % resets in the first alliance (if you may return). If you stay in the new alliance, then your participation % begins with 0 and increases as you do more war with them.

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