What color for rare team for challenge events

I spent money early on this account. So I skipped fully leveling rates. If I were to fix that what should I build to be general purpose good at challenge events? My temptation is yellow with multiple Banes.

There are some suggestions of mono Rare teams here, but they’re competition oriented: Monochrome teams at each level for challenge events

Are you thinking of going for completion or competition?

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Mostly competition. It would be years to have the groups to compete I think. Thanks for the link!

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You’re welcome!

Yeah, competition is pretty fierce, especially for the top slots.

I’d take a look at the teams toward the top of the rankings each event too, you can see what people are running. Blue is definitely popular for Grimforest, though there are some others in the mix too.

If you’ve never watched it, I also highly recommend checking out @Wharflord’s video guide: Challenge Event Strategy Reveal

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Perfect. That was very helpful. 49 flasks! I am not going to do that! So I only need to worry about completion. I’ll try to get at least a good blue team before the next event.


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