Building challenge event teams

I want to build rare challenge event teams from these heroes.
Which I can feed away and which can help me?

My guess:

  1. Blue - Gunnar, Nordri, Gato, 2xChick Jr
  2. Red - Hawkmoon, Namahage, 3xSquire Wabbit
  3. Green - Brienne, Berden, (need more Berden and Mneseus)
    4.Black - 2xBjorn, Balthazar, Tyrum, Bat,
  4. White - Bane, Melia, Gan Ju, Kvasir (need another Bane)

Also I need Belith for tourneys (3*).

From less than 2 weeks ago:


Thank you)
And what about 3* raid tournaments?

You want heroes with good synergy for the different rules… I have one of every 3* hero maxed (except for Nodri… don’t have him yet :frowning:)

Buff Booster

Obviously heroes who make buffs & do so quickly are good here. Gunnar / Kailani are the exception as they work well at tank.
Dispellers are good here as they remove the enemy bonuses (e.g. Tyrum, Belith, Mnesseus etc…)

Bloody Battle

Heroes here who have good damage output & quickly are good. So snipers etc… Also Kavisr ROCKS in this format as the minions he makes is like a pseudo heal… creates a meat shield.
Cleansers are REALLY good here as they remove some of the negative effects coming from the enemy “slow” heroes (e.g. Costume Tyrum & Gill-Ra)

Rush Attack

This is where some of the slower heroes shine. So heroes like Gunnar, Ulmer, Oberon, Jahangir, Arman etc… The snipers still help & some of the good healers are handy too (e.g. costume hawkmoon) when they have secondary effects.
Also helps with some of the “annoying” heroes who become nightmares when sped up (e.g. Bauchan or Shrubbear)

General Utility

Some heroes just are really good general utility heroes who help to drop in on teams. Ones like Costume Hawkmoon, Brienne/Costume Brienne, Kavsir.
Mana controllers also fit into this bracket. Heroes like Ei-Dunn & Bauchan & Chochin & Azar (particularly her costume) & Pixie.

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Best damage dealing 3* ever) good luck tomorrow (if you will summon).

Thanks for advices)

Probably not but we’ll see lol

Only 2 heroes currently that i realistically want in the current batch (that I don’t have). Brynhild & Nodri. 5* are nice but realistically am unlikely to get them.

Question is about 3*, I do not show you my 4*/5* roster)

I want Brynhild too (2x Brynhild, but have zero now). 2xBrynhild +3x Li Xiu - good team for Trials of Survival and Trials of Shadow.

Can I feed those dupe Kvasirs?

Possibly…? I kept 2 cause I MAY have some fun & run 2x in bloody battle teams… probably don’t need 3x of them.

Thanks) Then I will fed one Kvasir to lvl3 Kvasir and dupe Nordri to Sonya (I think I need only one for challenge event and titans).

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I also think Rush Attack is good for rainbow offense since all special skills are charged faster. Bloody Battle and Buff Boosters I prefer stacks to make the tiles hit harder while the specials charge.

Have the new costumes changed this? Looks like the optimal 3* team is now Costume Gunnar, Nordri and 3x Costume Valen.

Is Wilbur, GF, Scarlett, Lancelot, Scarlett still the default Epic team?

And I guess Costume Marjana replaces GF in Legendary.

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