Monochrome teams at each level for challenge events

Given that the the top teams in the leaderboards on the monthly challenge events tend to be monochrome, I’ve had the idea of building up a set of monochrome teams – one in each color for each level (rare, epic, legendary). Of course once you have all those heroes, you can mix and match as desired. The idea is to have enough heroes to be able to create anything from full rainbow up to full monochrome in any color at any level.

Of course, the 3* level is easiest to start with. I’ve got my 3* teams pretty well formed and all fully ascended and am working on their final levels now. The issue is that even after I have enough good heroes in each color, as I continue to pull heroes I didn’t have before, I’m faced with decisions again: Do I keep my existing team as is, or do I substitute in this new, possibly better hero? And if I keep this new one, then who do I kick?

So I thought I’d start an ongoing thread to get and give advice on the best heroes to keep for our monochrome challenge event teams.

Please share your thoughts, your teams, your questions and advice. What would be your ideal team of each color and level, of all the heroes that currently exist?

Here are my current 3* teams and dilemmas (bearing in mind that after the Wonderland event later his month, I will likely have even more):

Purple: I have leveled Chochin, Gill-Ra, Tyrum, Balthazar x2, and an unleveled Chochin. Should I keep my team as is, or sub in the second Chochin for someone, and if so, who?

Yellow: I have leveled Kailani, Melia, Bane x2, Gan Ju x2, and an unleveled Melia. This is one too many leveled already and I will probably get rid of one Gan Ju. Should I then keep as is, or sub in the second Melia, and if so, for who?

Blue: I have leveled Gunnar, Gato, Karil, Ulmer, Valen x3. Obviously too many and I plan to discard 2 Valens. Objectively, I think Valen might be better than Karil and Ulmer, but I like the variety. Is this a mistake?

Green: I have leveled Brienne, Isshtak, Berden, Mnesseus x2, and Belith x2. Obviously too many for one team, but I’ve chosen to think of the healers (Belith and Hawkmoom) as extras. In practice, I would almost always use at least one healer rather than go full monochrome – and that healer would be a Belith unless I need to avoid green. This means I probably really only need 4 non-healers per color, I know… but again, my idea is to have enough to do up to full monochrome, even if in practice I rarely actually do that. Eventually I may prune my set down further, as I’m sure there will be heroes I find I never actually use.

Back onto green… I also have an unleveled Friar Tuck. Is there any reason to keep him? I’m thinking not. He’s cute, but he’s weakened by the fact that he only affects his nearest neighbors.

Red: I have leveled Rudolph, Namahage, Azar, Nashgar x2, and Hawkmoon, plus a second partially leveled Hawkmoon. Again, technically too many, but see my notes under green above. I may well wind up getting rid of the second Hawkmoon.

I’m only just getting started on my 4s, figuring out who to keep and who to prune out. To date I’ve not got rid of ANY 4 or 5*, but that needs to change. To begin with, I now have 5 Grimms. I love Grimm, but he’s far from the only great epic blue, and I’m unlikely to ever use so many. Then again, there are wars to consider, too, so maybe I will, even if not for challenge events. What do you think?

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Providing well leveled troops will be the real challenge for mono teams…


In my opinion:

Blue: Ditch Ulmer for Valen #2. Valen is that good.

Green: If you’re already using Brienne, forget Tuck.

Other than that, I either agree with you or don’t know enough to offer a solid opinion. I like the project and look forward to hearing your updates as time passes. :slight_smile:


I’m not the one to ask for rare unfortunately…I keep feeding all my 3* for those wondering what I use for epic and legendary I’ll post those

And legendary


Side note, i do add wu for level 10. I’m sure some that have tarlak would add him. I only use wu for 10 though


I disagree regarding removing Ulmer. Ulmer’s attack stat is a lot higher than both Karil and Valen, meaning better tile damage, and he lowers defense on all. Slow mana isn’t anything a few mana pots can’t fix.

If anything, I’d remove Karil completely, and replace with a second Valen if need be. Gato also has a high attack stat, so I’d be more inclined to consider two of him, to have immunity on everyone during events with lots of ailments, and for better tile damage.


Legendary and Epic teams for me are below. Rare is a little more restrictive for me. I have all the 3s maxes, but only 1 of each 3. So my monochrome teams are basically 1 of each available. @Wharflord can give you a much better monochrome Rare setup.



Note that I too sometimes slip Wu into those teams, particularly the yellow ones


In Rare I normally do a 3-2 combo; basically because I don’t have enough to go mono.

Although I haven’t reached 100 I’ve been pretty close.

Heroes mainly used are Melia, Gunnar, Brienne - one of these 3 appear in my 3-2 team - dependent on the colour reflect.

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These are the mono teams I use. Rare is a little different from epic and legendary since Belitung is the only attack buffer and Ulmer, Valen, and Gill-Ra are the only defense reducers. Therefore I will often run 4-1 on later levels so the combo deals enough damage to kill bosses. Otherwise just stacking the highest attack, single target hitters tends to be optimal. Since 3*s are so cheap to max out, some people just level 5x Balthazar, Bane, Gato, Hisan/Berden/Mnessus, Wabbit/Namahage.


@Wharflord Thanks for sharing those!

I notice you have complete consistency of a level 15 troop, a level 4 troop, and then 3 level 1 troops. Any insights you can offer on troop leveling for Rare Events?


Yeah, Ulmer does trade away 50 defense for 50 attack in comparison to Valen… but he also hits a single target for a lot less than Valen does and he’s squishier. The squishier part is why I don’t like him among the 3* heroes.

As someone who’s teams are made up of 90% 3* heroes, and who is using those heroes against 8* and 9* titans… yeah. Ulmer dies constantly, while Valen often survives that very same hit.

Beyond that, since he’s fast mana his special is still up in time to be able to toss out the debuff early enough for all other heroes to take advantage of.

…that said… if you’re using Gato, then clearly, special skill damage isn’t considered useful in this scenario and I guess it’s expected that you will only win via tile damage?

If that’s the case, then let Ulmer die whenever he does and enjoy the extra tile damage… but yeah. I prefer pinpointing damage and taking down the most pressing threat, personally. A slow, squishy hero just doesn’t make the cut.

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AoE are typically key to competing in challenge events, at least 1 on the team and ulmer fits that role


And he has higher tile damage than valen


Also when competing, i believe heros are typically only going to fire once and items+tiles will be doing the heavy lifting

Competing is more about high score combos and less about survivability

At least from what i can tell. I dont place well tho so could be wrong


Thank you for sharing those!

Didn’t you do a couple of videos for the Rare challenget?

@Rigs did a great job explaining it

Events are more about combos and tile damage than survivability. If we’re talking just completing an event, then sure, you could go two Valens. However, for competing, you’ll want defense down on all of the enemies, as well as high tile damage to knock them down in one big swoop of combos. That is why Ulmer is the best for the task.

Even if you’re just trying to complete it, I’d still take Ulmer over Valen for defense down on all. Makes clearing a stage much simpler, and much faster. Plus, he actually does more damage from his SS than Valen anyway; 116% of 528 on three [for each enemy in a stage] vs 300% of 479 on one. Valen is faster and more durable, but Ulmer has a better damage output when facing three enemies or more. Even if there’s only two enemies (like some of the boss stages), defense down on both would result in more damage output than on just one.

Regarding Gato, it’s not like he’d be by himself. He’d be flanked with Ulmer, Valen, and possibly Karil or Gunnar depending on what you’re after (competing or completing). He still does quite a bit of damage from his SS alone; definitely more than Valen does. So this part I got lost on: Gato’s SS % is the same as Valen’s (300%), but with a higher attack stat, therefore more damage output. Plus, he offers immunity to his neighbors. Valen doesn’t apply his defense down until after his attack, so he doesn’t benefit from the extra damage until after the debuff is applied. So really, Gato would be the better choice for SS damage output than Valen - immediately, and after a debuff is applied. Also, Gato would probably be the better choice to duplicate, due to his higher attack stat and SS % damage output.

However, if Valen is your only defense down hero, then he becomes much more valuable [when compared to Gato] solely for lowering defense on a target (lowering defense is huge for getting high scores). Although, like I stated above, Ulmer would be the better choice for that specific task [for events] when we’re comparing the two. You really only need one defense down hero, but since 3* are lacking in enough solid choices to make a full mono blue 3* team, Valen and Ulmer could both hold a slot, with Gato filling in the rest + Karil if you want something different.

Titans and events have a lot of similarities (mono/tile damage), but survivability isn’t one when we’re talking about competing. If you’re just after completion, then any team that’s sufficiently leveled should do (2T or 3T 3*, 3T or 4T 4*, 2T, 3T or 4T 5*). Although, when competing, just like with titans, SS damage isn’t nearly as important as tile damage is. I’d bring a hero with high tile damage, and a lackluster attack SS, over a hero with a high attack % SS, with low tile damage, to an event I want to compete in. The defense down, elemental defense down, attack up and tile buff SS are the most important, along with tile damage. The attack % SS? Not as much. Though, some SS damage is needed to take down the final bosses.

Even healers are fairly unnecessary for competing. Your heroes won’t be taking much, to any, damage from the enemies; they should all be dead before they get the chance. That is, as long as the board is in your favor, your SS are charged, and you have the right battle items with you. So yeah, survivability isn’t much of an issue when competing for the #1 spot.

I’ll agree that Valen is a lot more versatile, and useful, in nearly every other aspect of the game; fast mana heroes usually are. However, for competing in events, Ulmer is much more valuable than Valen is. Valen is still useful, but Ulmer does the job a little bit better.

I would take Valen over Ulmer in raid offense and defense. Although, I’d be bringing both Valen and Ulmer against red titans if they’re the strongest blues at your disposal. Valen to get the defense lowered immediately, and Ulmer for his higher tile damage. If Valen is your strongest defense down hero, he should be on every titan team.

SS damage plays a very miniscule role in the sum of each individual titan attack, so that shouldn’t be the main focus. Titans and events are all about tile damage. Certain SS are important, but damage output ones are less so when compared to defense down, attack up, tile buff, or elemental defense down. Those specific skills are key + tile damage aka high attack stats.

Anyway, I have to say, it’s pretty impressive how you’re able to use 3* against 8* and 9* titans. Kudos to that, really! I’d ask about that some more if it weren’t completely off-topic, but I am curious to know how well they stand up vs those kind of titans. Pretty awesome :blush:

& Please take no offense to me disagreeing with your original statement. Just a friendly debate, and a difference of opinion. Always happy to discuss game stuff, even if the opinions/views differ from my own :grin:


Holy crap

It’s going to take me 2 days and 12 pots of coffee to read through this lol

Good job though, very detailed


…and now you know why I have the opinion of these heroes that I have! It was you mentioning the concept of competing vs completing that @Rigs mentioned above that struck a chord with me. That makes a lot of sense… to compete and get the high scores means high tile damage and relying on cascades and particular special effects.

…on the other hand… sniping specific dangerous targets… yeah. My experience with having to pick and choose my heroes is very much a raid/war experience.

Let’s just say it’s been a steep learning curve. Against the most recent Fire titan I was managing an average of 14,800 with a high score of 21k using just 3* + Boldtusk. :grin: Super proud of that. I’ll do some analysis of my teams and tactics and toss a thread together in the coming days.


Defense doesn’t matter for winning events the way the people who do win play. (Many of who posted above with their teams)

To get top scores you need to get so good a board and use so many items that pretty much none of the monsters or bosses get a swipe at you before you are done…and yes this means starting the level a LOT of times to get a board that lucky.

Playing to complete the challenge, especially if you don’t care to consume a lot of battle items is a different thing and for that, you will get hit, so defense matters.


I keep 5 troops of each level (2* and up), so I at least have troops to use. But I’m not planning to level any but my top one per color until that one is fully leveled (which will be quite a while). Do you think that’s a mistake?

I also keep for each level, 4 of the ones with highest attack, and 1 with highest defense. I use the defending troop for the healer or someone with a non-attack special who may need a little extra help staying alive. I know many people just always use the highest attack ones. What do you think?

To date, after playing 6 months, I have only 5 4* troops, and none in green. I do have a few partly leveled secondary troops in some colors due to having received a better one after already leveling one. I’ve been upgrading the troops training building as needed whenever a troop approaches the limit for the current building, and I’ve only just upgraded to building level 7. Leveling troops is a slow, slow business.

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Sorry for the belated response (life intervened). You give me tons to think about! Thanks.

You mentioned battle items. Which items do you typically bring for events, and how/when do you use them?

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