Way to level 4* heroes if you have more then 30+ 5* heroes?

Looking on my 5* heroes witch I have more then 50 and I have 8 rainbow teams my thought is way in the hell would I level any more 4* heroes except for raid tournaments.

I am ok with all 5* I have and new keep coming every month. Before I started getting 5* heroes I leveled to max 13/4* star heroes but then there were no such great 4* heroes.

Everything now is focused on leveling 5* heroes, time and ascension material and I don’t see any of this great 4* being leveled in next year or two as I am not a player who levels 5* in hour I still need 2-3 months to max 5*.

My hero storage is containing all 4* and 3* in the game only one of each as I don’t see there value or when to find time to level them.

I would never feed 4* heroes if I have material or 5* to work on.

Now it all seems to me we are hoarding all of this heroes and for what? Titans, tournaments special events. Yes, maybe but when will you level them!? How much do you need hero feeding for all of this.

Did you all ever ask your self this?
Tell me your thoughts, please don’t tell me that normal players and c2p player with normal gem budget 3000 gems per month can level 5 to 10 // 5* heroes in 2-3 months, I play this game to much and for 3 years and I know this is not possible.

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Well i understand you and…
I have 30 4* and 22 5* full heroes so now i just work 5* heroes when they come…
In the meanwile i’m leveling some 3* because i only have 10 (were enough to complete the events) but now with raid tournament i will level a few more 3*(but only the ones i will really use)…
I have some full 4* that i no longer use i already have considered feeding them but as long i have space ill keep them …

About your question!
Unless you are lacking some specific 4* hero from atlantis/elemental debuffer/healer, that you would use often in titans, events and raid tounament i wouldnt level any more…


Thanks Rfm for replay. My thought was going in same direction as yours. I would only level few 3* to compete in raid tournaments rest I really don’t need.

I have all 4* even Atlantis and all special events so really I can only level them again for raid tournaments. Only 4* I used for something else is Wu for titans but now I have Ranvir and on last level.

This what is bordering me I got Wilbur, Proteus, Triton, ect. and would like to play with them but don’t now when will they come to leveling cycle.

Also Rfm your team is great lost yesterday from you in raid attack :slight_smile:

Well basically for raid tournaments, and also challenge events. You answered your own question. They’re more sources of loot.

It depends on your priorities and what you have as well. I did halt leveling up Khiona, when I got my first Tiburtus. Because def- is pretty valuable to have for my purple stack, and I had no other purple hero that dropped defense.

Other than key heroes like that though that bring something I don’t have to the table, I’m not going to level someone like Gobbler or Colen, when I have better options. So in that sense I get what you mean.


Well looking at my roosters of 5*, really I can now combine attack, defense, titans or mono color teams and raid tournaments.

So basically I only would need 4*&3* for raid tournaments and thats it and to be correct 10 of them - 5 for attack and 5 for defense.

Hmmm question of priority undefined and found everywhere in this forum.
Priority, what if you have more then 30+ 5* heroes would a 4*&3* be a priority and way, except this few one would need for raid tournaments.

This was a topic not about me trying to get questions what I should do rather to hear all of your opinions on why would you level 4* if you have so many 5* with same and better ability then 4* teams.

Ok, now with emblems 4* can be fake 5* but what will be when we all get 5* to fake 6*?? Then again 4* are only for raid tournaments.

This is philosophical theme for the forum.

IMO, building *4 bench is also has advantage, easy for getting another mats from Rare Quest, Event, Titan etc without needed like for *5 heros (*4 mats), and also food, feeder, and time.


You dont mention the 4* elemental debuffers like jackal and falcon from Guardian event for me thoose are a must go for titans!


This is what I was saying. So if One focuses on 4* as you suggest when will you level your 30+ 5*. I get it but with 4* you get what? Something different if you level 5*. Every 4* leveled is one 5* less leveled at least 3 ranks.

I don’t see your point.

Ok, but there is so many 5* that can hurt titan same way as 4* even better? My priority on titans is to keep there defense down all the time, buffering or debuff is not a priority.

I am not attacking anybody purely conversation :smile:

You may still want specific 4* for war, if you come up against a tough alliance that forces color stacking, even with 40 5* you will probably run out of colors for stacking AND necessary specials (debuffer, cleanser, defense down or something) by the fifth or sixth team.

Then there are tournaments and events. If you don’t ENJOY them then you have no need to keep working on more heroes.

It looks like you are coming close to the point where there is no longer a NEED for anything and your pleasure in playing dictates what you do next.


Because they’re faster to level than 5*s. And most people in this forum are not at the point you’re at.

Your roster is basically a ferrari, and mine is a buggy :wink: it’s not necessarily a bad thing, as I said priorities here for you and me are just different.

Having access to the better car, you’d see no point in driving the more pedestrian one. Whereas if I got the more expensive one, I would not have the resources (ascension mats) to support it. But my buggy works for me, it gets me from point A to point B, I know how to make it work quickly.

In other words, you have the roster now after playing for so long to really know that you don’t need to level up more 4*s. You are free to focus on more of your 5*s.

For my end, I need 30+ heroes, more so if they are stronger than my current ones (3* -> 4*). I need more heroes that can also help me with stacking colors. And I need them faster than I can level up 5*s, not to mention I don’t have enough 5*s to count up to 30, nor do I have enough materials to ascend them even if I did.

I will level 30 5*s, when I get 30 heroes of lower rarity that I’m satisfied with. Then I can take my time with the 5*s. They’re faster to get up to speed. Until I’m satisfied they are strong enough to hold me in wars and events, I will keep on chugging with my buggy. :wink:

I enjoy the conversation.


@Rfm, yes Jackal and Falcon, both not have *5 version yet.

@Bukefal, I do not see any disadvantage leveling *4, because it is more cheaper mats, time, food, etc. So, If I have 30+ *5, I still leveling *4 1st. Build 1-2 rainbow *4, then start leveling *5.
If we already have 1-2 rainbow *4 maxed, then we just imporoving more for class trial, etc.


Nope there is not any 5* that help you doing more damage in dark titans than jackal and falcon for reds…
Because their elemental debuff is worth more than any 5* … also jackal does more tile damage than any yellow 5*


Actually for purple titan i’m taking 2 jackals … and let 4 5* yellows in bench…
And i have 3 full jackals and if i get the fourth i wil lvl him! Thoose are really worth it


Nope, I have much to work, so I am still highly motivated.

I agree for good combos in war but I can now fight with any mono color team with counter color 5*.

So I can use only specific 4* to buff me some ability for titan or war mono color attack. Else I see them in raid tournaments. But thing is I haven’t max leveled all 8 rainbow teams so way and when would I level 4* as a priority.

I know there is so much players with so many 5*&4* that they loose focus on what is important or as all say priority.

Agree for buffing mono color team with 4* until 5* with same or better ability come out and then we get him.

So, basically after I would say year or two we will have all 5* same as 4* in all or better ability.

I feel like we fill few gaps before 5* is out. For titans or for raid tournaments.

War is one great defense team and 6 attacking teams and thats it no need for more :slight_smile:

Thanks man for this replay really appreciate your honesty, yes I am the point were basically I just fill gaps.
I level now only 5* and really don’t know what to do with 4* as I always make 5* a priority so in last year I haven’t made no 4*.

And I really would like one day play with Jackl, Wilbur, Proteus, Falcon, Hansel, Gretchen, ect.

I wouldn’t feed them as they are great heroes, so I keep them for some other time and this is going on like that for months, year and still going :smile:


Well jackal and falcon at least those two have place in any player roster and it would take you like 2/3 weeks to put them full… you might be surprised with their performance… specially in titans… but also at war and raid tournament … i really use way more times my jackal wilbur falcon proteus than many 5* i have…
But this is just my opinion and my playstile


You give me a good point there. Not all 5* are so must max level some of this 4* are great in there on way.

I always think that 5* will eventually be better so I never use my resources/ascension to get them max. I got a feeling that it would be better to finish next 5* then use 3* ascension mats on 4* :wink:

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