Max hero cap


I’m currently level 30 and at 60/60 heroes (3* and trainers) waiting to ascend. Trying to decide if I should spwnd gems to raise cap by 5 heores. Will the cap increase again? I couldn’t find the info in the wiki or coppersky’s compendium


On a related note, would you spend 50 gems to increase cap just so you could feed more 3s so they give more exp to 4 and 5s?


I am at level 33 and have 70 slots. It does go up but not at every level.

I usually only hold on to 4* cards and feed everything else so I always have room.


Thanks. My 4 s, are all full til needing rare ascension items. Now im levelling 3s til they max. Probably have over 30 trainers that i wont use til i get a 5* or can progress on a stuck hero


I don’t keep every 3*; are you sure you want them all? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just for levelling bigger heroes


When i reached 100 cup, cost went from 100 to 150 gems.


As a player that spends some money in the game I have raised the hero cap a few times and don’t regret it. I would not do it if i was f2p.

Just to clarify: I don’t regret spending gems on the hero cap. Spending money for gems tho… :frowning:


I think spending gems on increasing hero cap is better than wasting gems on summons for epic or elemental since it is just full of 3* cards only especially if you are F2P.


I spend gems on troop pulls, guaranteed to help


Those are full of mainly 3* troops as well, but if you don’t have all 3* troops then it is helpful for sure and way better than pulling epic or elemental summons.


Plus they can at least be used for levelling up other troops. 3heroes go to levelling other 3and 4 heroes for me to use as later fodder when i can finally ascend