Was Ingolf buff enough? Who should I choose?

What do you guys think of Ingolf now? Was his buff enough to make him good? I have cTibutus and cRigard. Would he be a good choice to max?

Also on the team is Sartana +18 and Protus +19

I am missing a last purple hero to complete my mono team, please help me choose?

Other options:

I also have:

First max Treevil, this guy is crazy. Then Ingolf should fit well in your team, he is pretty good after buff.


Yep, radar1 always has a great answer. Only one MAYBE before Ingolf would be Sabina if you need a dispeller which is crucial with the new Taunt META.



In my honest opinion, focus on building your purple troops first.
Then 3* Treevil
Then 4* Tiburtus #2 (he will work really well in a line with c.Tiburtus), Sabina
Then Ingolf
Whichever heroes you choose good luck

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