Please help the new guy

Hey all - I’ve been playing for a couple of months and have been having only marginal success in raids and events. I’m also averaging around 18,000-20,000 per hit on the Titan. I understand that rainbow isn’t always the best strategy but I have aligned my roster this way just for reference. I mainly use Team 1 with one sub for Titan hits and my Team 5 has been pretty static for a couple of weeks.

Is this how y’all would line these hero’s up?

In my opinion you need a healer in team one … say Boldtusk or Sabina


Agree, I’d go Boldtusk-Tibertus-Boril-Hu Tao-Caedmon for now. Others with more experience may have better ideas for you though.


Sounds good - that does make the most sense. I guess I had gotten attached to Gormek since he was one of my first 4* heros :+1:

Thank you!


You can still use Gormek as tank,with Boril and Tiburtus or Sabina (when further levelled)
as flanks and Hu (or some better yellow when available) and Caedmon as wings.
My 2 cents.
Have fun.

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Funny that, i think we all get hung up on our fist 4 star, mine was Colen, he dies easy but FEEL THE BURN!! :joy:
I would definatly accend Boldtusk as soon as you can, Sabina is good too with tile damage and debuff but you have Cademon for that. Id go with mojo’s set up as well

Boldtusk was the 4* game changer for me, and is still my AW defense tank. For a long while my raid defense was BT tank flanked by Boril and Cyprian. That got me up to platinum and allowed me to stay there. Your Tibs and Caedmon work for the wings to provide firepower. With no Cyprian, and Tibs for dark you’re stuck with Hu Tao until a better holy comes along.

Work on BT for tank. He’s considered a 4.5* for good reason, especially emblemed with revive ability. I’ve seen him revive 5x in a row on me.

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