[WARNING] A Summons Experience - Chasing Guardian Panther - A Warning for Chasing Heroes

Lol pretty much

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I don’t know what y’all are complaining about. I got Panther after one 10 pull and another after a few single pulls just trying to show a guy how long the odds are:

Super easy.

Now THAT’S bragging.

In all seriousness, I tried getting Falcon and/or Jackal this recent Teltoc and a partial effort to get Gazelle while I was still in the haze of desire without thinking too hard if she’d benefit my bench or not. I have no idea how much I pulled, but I want to say it was around 20 singles with coins and gems. The best I got this time around was a bat.

Oh and I got an Owl too. In a past pull attempt. Lucky me. :nerd_face:

I didn’t get what I wanted and was understandably bummed. But I spent what I was comfortable with. :man_shrugging:t2:

I consider myself a very lucky E&P player. I have a lot of really good and rare heroes without having to sink as much money as others have, but even I have spent over $400 USD to get to that point (spread over 1.5 years). Of all the heroes I have, the ones I actually got after chasing are Panther, Kingston, Frida, Vivica, and Lianna, and those last two were out of TC20, so they don’t really count. Evelyn? Nope. Gazelle? Nope. Jackal? Nope. Delilah? Nope.

But heck, even that last paragraph is a bit of a brag.

Take it for what it’s worth.

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To contribute here also, I tracked total 400 pulls in various events and I got only 2 event 5* heroes, luckily (I guess) for me it was Panther and Jabberwock. So it really isn’t worth to chase specific hero imho.


THIS!!! ^^^^^^^^^^
I say show me your history in the settings tab for the event period. :slight_smile:

Who me?

I typed it all out into the OP lol

No sorry, I was responding to @Elpis 's comment

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Ahh right, so requesting that in general people don’t spread false hope/ rediculous brags & instead show the reality of their pulls?

got this from a single pull… very first pull. Made me laugh. I planned on just doing one pull and no more so that worked out for me. Just want to remind everyone that sometimes it takes two or three pulls to get the same results


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