Opposing team in alliance war all use same element tanks

Our last alliance war we faced an opposition that all used ice hero’s as their tanks. I’ve heard of alliances running red tanks and wondered what the benefit of doing this is?

People tend to bring in heroes strong against the tank. The idea is to make the enemy run out of heroes of the strong color.


The logic behind using tanks of the same color is that not many people have enough maxed heroes of the opposing element to stack against them. After a few attacks people run out of green heroes and they have to use other neutral colors. That’s bad news when the starting board sucks.

It’s a pretty good strategy imo. My alliance uses dark tanks.


Thanks. Makes sense but is it that effective? With wars requiring 6 teams it shouldn’t be difficult to use 3-2 or 2-1-1-1 line ups. In most cases it’s better to stack like that after you use your strongest of strong color on first flag then run 2-1-1-1 on subsequent hits. That’s how i handled it and came away with sizable points score. I guess if you have depth it doesn’t really matter then.

Consider going up against rainbow defenses with majority having Guin, Kunchen or GM tanks.

First couple of flags, everyone stacks vs tank. By second half, you’ll see a drop off in one kills.


We used to run the ‘strongest tank’ strategy. As soon as we moved to an all red tank strategy we won 4 straight. That being said, there are some things to consider:

  • A single-color tank strategy is not in your alliances best interest if some have to, for example, run Toril just to have a blue tank (Yes, I’ve seen that and it wasn’t pretty for our opponents). The color itself is not as important as finding a color in which the majority have a strong tank.
  • I definitely get your point about stacking weak colors against teams. I do that every war and typically get 4-6 1-shot kills. But I’m fortunate enough to have 6 -def heroes (Evelyn, Falcon, etc.). Those help counteract the lack of power against a stronger color. Not everyone has that option or understands stacking. Those people will quickly run out of the strong color, not know how to deal with it and flounder.
  • A single-color tank strategy is a long-game defense. We’ve had many alliances smash us in the 1st half. Once we reach 2nd half they have nothing effective left to hit us with as they used all their strong color heroes to make that 1st half statement of power.

Just some thoughts. Hope they help :grin:


It’s a good strategy but has made wars pretty boring in my opinion.

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Switch up the tank Colour/element every war and have a session where members can choose their own. That way it’s more fun . :sunglasses:

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We have a blend of p2w, ctp and ftp, sadly it’s not that easy for everyone to switch up and even if we switch, we’ll still see the same color every single war.

We have used the single tank color strategy for a while, and so far, we have had good results.

I don’t think it’s boring because at our alliance level, we face alliances using the same atrategy all the time, so it’s actually more challenging, because it’s not the same color every time.

Also, you can find the fun you are looking for in opening war chests faster… :wink:

Ice heroes do seem to be the most common, for our alliance anyway I think our last four or five in a row have been blue tanks. I know for me personally green is my weakest color but I get by. Actually I am working on leveling some doubles right now to help Battle the blue tanks. Good luck at the war tomorrow :+1:t3::grinning::pirate_flag:

Man, blue would be sweet. I’m so sick of Kunchen

@Milamber, my Alliance is ranked around 500 and 90% of our recent opponents run mono tanks.


I’d say not always go for the tank! Maybe take out another important person instead! As it’s a team and each person is important!
And as a team in alliance least if you get rid of someone?

Say if they have the mother north or the other people who can bring people back to life! I’d rather get rid of them then the tank! As if someone kills the tank! Then someone else fights they could come back if said people hit there special! That person now has to deal with that!


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