Best war defense?

Hey guys, once again I need the expertise of this forum to set up my war defense…

Me and my team decided to have a purple tank center hero, so my tank must be purple.

Currently my set up is (Leonidas, Zimkitha, kageburado, elkanen, joon) in that same order from left to right.

All hero’s maxed to 80.

I am wondering if I should include a healer on my team instead of elkanen/leonidas?

The issue is I only have 4* healers (Sabina 70 and 5 nodes in talent, boldtusk 70 and 6 nodes in talent, and kiril 70 and 3 nodes in talent)

I included my war team and some of my maxed heros if you guys have any other ideas :slight_smile:

I appreciate any suggestions and thanks for the help in advance

Leave out Leo, move Zimi on wing and put Aegir to support Zimi and Kage. Aegir works well in flank position and you even have emblems on him.

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The reason I took him out of defense is because of all the nag rove comments I read on him in the forums. I myself don’t find it difficult to take down teams when Aegir is on the team, he just makes it longer, but not harder…