Help with 5* war and raid defense team

Hey people :slight_smile: i finally finished my roster so i wanted to ask for your opinions on how to organize my defense.

here are my levellled 5* heroes:

so basically i need two teams:
1- for my alliance wars, we have blue tanks. so i was thinking Evelyn-Marjana-Aegir-Anzogh-Kage. logic is to discourage green stack. eve is first to help with dispelling but she could be perhaps replaced by sartana or less likely, musashi. perhaps magni could be thrown to the wing to tempt the green stack?

2- my raid defense- this is completely flexible. i was thinking Evelyn-Aegir-Anzogh-Kage-Musashi.
or perhaps something with vivica included?

any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

also @Garanwyn , i said i would tag you. I know you don’t have high opinion of aegir, but i have no choice in using him as tank in my AW

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Putting two reds next to Anzogh is putting all your eggs in the basket of discouraging greens. If you do that, and someone has decent blues, it’s going to be a tough fight.

But if they DON’T have decent blues, they’ll be very unhappy. ALL defenses suck. Some suck incrementally less. Your job is to punish people having thin rosters and bad boards as hard as possible. And this is a reasonable chance to do it.

You’ll give people with deep rosters a free flag where they use no greens, but may well give people with shallow rosters a pretty crushing loss. Zeros are possible in AW.

I recommend this:

Kageburado-Anzogh-Aegir-Marjana-Evelyn for Arrows, and Field Aid, and Kageburado-Anzogh-Aegir-Marjana-Musashi for attack boost.

You want Anzogh left as much as possible in order to strip health and heal before the others hit and kill. Ideally, Kageburado would be closer to Aegir, but that loses the immediate punishment of people who bring greens.

Having Kage left of Anzogh maximally punishes people who try to send tiles left. They’ll tend to do that because Anzogh is average and Marjana is fast.


This, but it the other way: if you hit first with Kageburado he could deals more damage.
If you hit second with Anzogh you would hit healthier foes, healing more.

I would use Kageburado - Anzogh - Aegir - Evelyn - Marjana
To not have two red heroes near Aegir. In raids you will always be attacked by “perfectly suited” teams as attackers wouldn’t run out of heroes.


excellent point made for the composition of the war defense team, already implemented it! i’m fully aware no defense is impenetrable but i’m curious to see how this will go at least.

would all this actually mean that evelyn-anzogh-aegir-marjana-lianna would be a better defense for example? although i imagine that by the time people who stacked against the flanks would have enough space to finish the wings with specials.

maybe vivica flanked by kage and sartana could work as well for raids? i’m aware viv isn’t regarded as a great tank but still.

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Evelyn and Lianna could deals some serious damage but then your defense would help your attackers to stack 3 colors: against tank, against flanks and against wings.
Reds and Blues also have heroes who decrease defenses so this wouldn’t help hem to run out of attackers suited to take out your defense and you could be defeated many times from different players.

With very fast/fast flanks Vivica could buy some time to let them start picking on the other team, so it sould also work in some cases but she will be at the mercy of anti-Guin attacking teams over 2500 cups.

For raid defense, doubling up the red around Aegir is okay. I don’t like it for wars, though.

The whole point of having a common tank color is to put your foes in a tough spot: they’ll soon exhaust their benches of the color that’s strong against your tank. Setting a x-R-B-R-x defense invites attackers to leave out any green heroes and stack blue against you. I’d try:

Kage / Musashi / Aegir / Anzogh / Evelyn

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■■■■, you’re right about anti-guin teams. the logic is there but i forgot the realities of general team compositions in diamond :smiley:

also there goes out of the window my RGB defense speculation.
guess i’ll experiment in raids eventually with different settings, i just need to make sure to help my alliance out in war :slight_smile:

hmmm something to consider too i think. i guess you’ve put musashi next to kage for weak/strong color reasons? do you think that is more important than anz potentially going first and dealing more damage/heal and inviting tiles to the left side?

Yes, I arrayed the left and right sides to have strong/weak colors next to each other as much as possible. There’s only a minor loss, at most, to Anzogh’s skill (if Musashi kills or greatly wounds his foes, removing some HP that Anzogh might have stolen), but I’d be willing to live with that minor loss for the important defensive gains created by having strong/weak heroes adjacent.

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noted, i will definitely consider this seriously, thank you very much!

i do admit i’m a bit surprised you would endorse two red flanks for raids tho. raiders having best teams as an option is a sound argument. what is your reasoning? you mean that more in a sense that such defense team will probably equally punish bad board as rainbow one?

On raids, you want the strongest absolute defense, and here I can see the case for flanking reds around a blue. For wars, the strategy is not to give the opponents any easy excuse to stack an off-color (in this case, blue, rather than the green needed against blue tanks).

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The real question is what his alliance’s competition looks like in terms of bench depth, options, and skill level.

Simply stacking blue against Aegir isn’t super helpful. One really needs a dispeller and a defense debuffer in there. Deep rosters with savvy players will indeed repeatedly crush that defense (assuming they get tiles).

If he were fighting in the top 100, it would be a real exploitable hole. Aegirs with reds next to them extend my probable number of one-shots considerably.

But even at the bottom end of the top 100, using blues against Aegir is not exactly a strategy everyone is comfortable with. And if the dispeller or defense debuffer dies early, it’s still kind of a mess. I bring 2 healers to those fights because it’s an essential safety mechanism.

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I wouldn’t be stacking blues because of Aegir, but because of the two flanking reds. The fact that blues tiles fo normal damage against Aegir is a happy bonus.

With Aegir I often stack against the lowest defense hero in the line, happily trigger Aegir’s special, and wail away on the weak link.

Or I bring Hatter. Especially if Alberich is in the line. Too much fun.

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Enzogh put up a nice bonus resistance to ice heroes tough.

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Indeed. Sorry if I seemed to be suggesting that blue was because of Aegir. But people pretty universally seem to use red with him, which makes blue my go-to color. Particularly when people put GM next to him, blue is super helpful. Even if he’s not weakest in absolute terms, taking him out quickish is nice.

Purple is somewhat less exploitable because there are no yellow def down or dispel, and the color debuffer is made of paper.

Yellow is pretty exploitable for me because I use a lot of 4*. GP would seem to make that pretty easy to crush too.

And I don’t enjoy stacking red, since it makes me highly dependent on a combination of specials and tiles for the kill. In raids, if green is the weak link, I usually just bring green and go at Aegir directly.

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