War defense team suggestions

So, the first screenshot is the war defense team I’ve been using…the others are the heroes I have available.

Any suggestions?

Rainbow suggestions:

Kage Ares Khiona Horg Wu


Khiona Ares Justice Aegir Caed


Kage Aegir Li Kash Zimi


Caed Rigard Ares Aegir Danza

I don’t necessarily need a rainbow team. Just looking for the most effective team.

Kageburito and Danza aren’t leveled yet, and still too weak compared to the others I have imo.

Tib Ares Agwe Caed Wu

I’d ever use slows in center position or otherwise at least three healing units in the team. If In raids or war attacks, slows often die before fully charged, if they are not in tank position.

Rainbow defense has the opportunity, that the opponent mostly stacks against the tank. Else he/her stacks 3 agsinst your multiple used color and 2 against the tank and one loses more often.

So, Gad in the fourth slot wouldn’t be better to cover heals for everyone?

I guess I’d be losing enemy dispel…Any thoughts on putting Aegir in the fourth? Again, no dispel…just looking at options.

Two reds together in the tank/flank area is bad juju. Rainbow teams tend to be the best for defense.

Your leveling is all over the place. Ares is your best tank.

Tibs, Agwe, Ares, Caed, Wu

I would finish them and work on Sonya to replace Agwe.

You need a yellow hitter. Chao isn’t bad.

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You definitely need to lvl up some snipers to take advantage of your buffers, but currently if you want a def that will cause mega frustration and make opponents have to go overkill on you

Tibs gad ares rigs agwe

Then kage and sonya need your attention

The leveling is all over the place so I can have the 30 heroes I need for war. I got a decent main/defense team(got it to 3500) when I decided to start leveling others up at least a little so I could have 6 separate attacks for war.

It wasn’t whimsical.

Rigs? Not sure who that is.

Rigard =rigs gad =gaderius

Err…duh…lol…not sure why it didn’t occur to me. Probably lack of coffee.

Good suggestions up thread. Wu Kong is not a good choice on defense; too squishy and badly played by the AI. One great thing about defense is you can try something out, see how your cups settle, then rearrange.

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