Trying to figure out the best blue tank war defense with my current heroes

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated,

I would say isarna is the best pick, boril would be second imo

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That’s what i was thinking, also i was looking for entire lineup help… Plus my current alliance prefers we use a healer for whatever reason… Personally i think the best defense is a strong offense

If you need a healer (they are useful for field aid wars especially) boldtusk or rigard are your choices until you can max alby. I would probably go in order boldtusk, (elk or eve - probably eve but I’m not a huge fan of her on defence) ,isarna, kage and leo

Isarnia is a little soft for tank position. I would go Magni or Boril until you can ascend Miki.

Yeah but I have her defense up there with emblems, wayyyy higher than magni or he would be my choice without a doubt… On a side note, i was thinking of resetting boldtusk to use the emblems for magni… Thoughts?

I love my +18 bt too much to give his emblems to my +6 magni but i am also a little torn…

Kage - Eve - Isarnia - Elk - Marjana

If Isarnia goes off, you win most of the time anyway.
If she doesn’t and the board dies, Eve/Elk combo can win.
Kage and Marjana corners can possibly clean up scraps after a dog fight.

A good board is going to win no matter what, no defense is perfect.