War defense team - Need advice on green tank

Hi guys,
I am trying to find a stronger war defense setup since I usually get kicked out with just one attack…sometimes in two (and both tank and Zimkhita always die)…my Ally strategy is to have a rigid color scheme ( Yellow-Red-Green-Blu-Purple) …here follows my current setup

Left wing - Drake Fong +20
Left Flank - Zimkhita +19
Tank - Elkanen +20
Right Flank - Richard +20
Right Wing - Seshat +20

I was planning to switch emblems from Zimkhita to Kadilen and replacing Zimkhita with Marjana +19, so the new setup would be as follows:

Left wing - Drake Fong +20
Left Flank - Marjana +19
Tank - Kadilen +19
Right Flank - Richard +20
Right Wing - Seshat +20

Do you think it’s worth?

Can you post screenshot of your emblemed Elk? What is your green troop supporting your tank?

sure ultra…

You’ve got a good collection there. Don’t you own Magni? Just wondering… I think he’s a better flank than Richie. Who are your other blues?

I think Kadilen would be a better green tank, to start with. Not sure about removing emblems from someone like Kitha, though… Also, Marjana flank does not looks good.

Drake is deadly if flank. I think he’s not being able to fully work at wings.

Yes Andrie,
I do have Magni +15.
I preferred Richard +20 because is far more solid, and reduces attack to three enemies.

As far as Drake is concerned I agree with you, but my Ally wants the color scheme to be that rigid…yellow has to be on the left wing.

Also I do not love to switch emblems from Zimi but If I do want to use Kadilen as a tank I cannot put her there with no emblems.

I consider Kadilen a better tank, but I wouldn’t remove emblems from Zimkitha.

I was about to suggest you changing Seshat for Drake, but if your alliance wants this concrete order, there’s nothing to do.

I see your Elk with a hybrid talent tree, opting primarily for defense nodes followed by attack, not health. I was thinking if he could be supported by a crit troop. Personally, I am not a fan of a mana troop supporting the defensive tank. I also don’t like removing druid emblems from Zim in favor of Kad, unless you are able to pull the latter’s costume.

Why is your alliance strict on having a color order of heroes if the defensive synergy is out of tune. Didn’t they know not all players have the same heroes in their roster?

I may use a reset token and optimize Elkanen’s talent grid the way you suggest.

As a matter of fact Zimi is a very powerful cleanser, she is fast, she provides attak bonus to all allies…if I replace her with marjana I’d lack any sort of cleansing/healing. Only attack is not good in my opinion.

As regards my Ally strategy for war setup, I do agree with you…it’s too rigid but I couldn’t use Drake as a flank, I think it’s better for Zimi to be on a flank position, doesn’t it?
Then Seshat/Drake on wings are ok whatever side you choose…I see Seshat on both sides in high level teams.

Then Richard is useless on a wing and Magni +15 is still too weak on a flank…

Am I mistaking?

Ultra, I checkd my talent path for Elnanen but, as you can see from the attached screenshot, I followed the one you suggested.

Seshat needs to be placed left to disspel reflect before your hits come in.

Yellow, r,g,b, Purple can be mirrored. Alliance should allow that. And because wings don’t have color protection also purple, r,g,b, yellow makes no difference in that strategy.

Imho elk is better tank than kadillen unless you got costume.

Imho your strongest setup is:
Seshat, zim, elk, magni, drake

Zim, elk, magni > defense path

Seshat, drake > attack path


Seshat at wings is okay. Can’t be said the same with Drake, who is better at flanking duties.

On purely shield path ideal for tanking, Elk should have 720 attack. 897 defense and 145 health when fully emblemed. But I can’t blame you opting for attack since his self-heal is based on the damage inflicted. It should also puts pressure on the attacker once he starts casting his fast special.

In my opinion, the best setup would be:

Seshat - Zimkhita - Elkanen - Drake - Magni

Magni is a powerful sniper, but defensively speaking, he is a crystal ball…and the place for a fast powerful hitter is the wing. I know that the +63% defense to his flanks would be half wasted but I guess it is the best compromise.

What do you think?

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I’d personally do Zim-Richard or Magni-Elk-Drake-Seshat.

I would have advised you the same words that error4 in fact I do. Swap Seshat Formation for Drake

I’d personally look for an alliance that was less up its own fundament :stuck_out_tongue:


Why is your alliance so hung up on this colour formation? It really limits everyone in setting up a team. Yes, blue flank with green tank makes sense as red is weak but the other three are interchangeable neutral.

Frankly I think @Gorann has the best suggestion :wink:



Especially when it’s to the detriment of performance, as it is here.

Coordinated tanks makes sense, RGB/BGR center isn’t the worst idea ever either as there’s plenty of good wings in Dark and Holy… It will hinder plenty of defences but there’s at least a certain degree of logic in it.

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The idea Is exactly that one. An ally with all RGB centers in order ti have weak colors in the flanks and the same colors on the Wind in order to provide the enemies with no reference points at all

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