Please help me with defence team

Hi, it would be great if someone help me with defence team, i mean both Wars and raids. My maxed 5* are:
Mother North





I also need advice to whom should i give emblems and if should i change my war defence team depending on war buff.

THX in advance

My view on an effective raid defense, left to right

Mother North

Rainbow defense generally strongest

For wars, it depends what tank colour your alliance has. If not tank colour matching (which would surprise me given with that list you should be in a high level alliance), then the above would be fine. You don’t really have too many recognised tanks other than Kunchen. If you run red as an alliance, Zim will be serviceable, but not really sure in yellow or blue. Possibly Poseidon and Magni but they would be less effective in that role

If you advise preferred war tank colour I am sure we could help further

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We go with red tanks for wars. Atm my team for wars is Mother North, Magni, azlar, hel, Poseidon. Ive given my warior emblems to Magni, so nothing left for Poseidon. I was thinking about going for wars with such team: Mother, Athena, azlar, Hel, Poseidon but i would have to move emblems from Evelyn to Athena and Magni to Poseidon but im not sure if its a good move

Emblems aren’t compulsory on defense. Do what you want!

A better war defense I think would be MN, Magni, Zim, Kunchen, Poseidon

Hel instead of Kunchen might be better too

Why to choose red centers, there are not so much good centers, and azlar as center is your weakest point, its not GM, not even close, if you are one of your alianse who don’t have decent center, than OK, but if there is a lot with azlar, khagan etc. Than I would suggest to change centers

Khagan is kind of ok, but Azlar is too squishy

Isnt Athena better than Magni? And how about marjana as tank? Was it worth to try to pull her and use as tank?

I see more Magni in defense; they are both a bit squishy but he has a massive defense buff which suits the flank spot very nicely. I think Magni is a better flank defender from my raids against both

And well yeah, Marjana would be good. I think Zim is better at tank as she also has a minor self heal. The other great thing about Zimkitha is you own her!

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