What do you think of this defense?

I should have Zeline fully leveled and +5 in a few days.
Currently I’m using Kage Magni Mitsuko Drake Seshat.
Do you think this team will work better once Zeline is leveled or do you have any other Suggestions? I also have a Rigard +18 that I’ll sometimes stick in the corner during field aid wars.

Adding Rigard will be worse overall. Add too many purples.

The defence shown will work OK. Personally I’d prefer if the two purples flanked your yellow tank but…

Zeline works ok on wing but is best as a flanker.

What other options do you have?

Can’t see anything really :stuck_out_tongue:

They are my only leveled 5* options. for war I used Seshat magni mitz Drake rigard last field aid and it worked really well. I have too may flanks and not enough wings so I have to stick someone out of position.

Whatever else you do… Kage is a flank, not a wing.

Sesh Zeli Mits Kage Drake

Mag for Kage seems legit, too.
Try both maybe.

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