War defense advice with Purple tank

Looking for advice on my best war defense with a purple tank. I am not concerned with my main defense as I stay right in low Diamond and am happy with that. Current war defense team:

Heroes I currently have:

Other info:
I have no green mana troop but do have a level 13 red, 14 blue, 17 purple, and 17 yellow Crit troop.
I have enough emblems to get Gravemaker to +9 (just finished maxing him but out of food).
I can move all the Druid emblems from Kadilen to Vela. I had planned to do this but not sure if she would be the best with what I am thinking (wing), and just haven’t had the chance recently.
Today I pulled Heimdall and the resurrect is tempting so could replace Telluria with him (and move emblems).
I have the mats to max at least one more hero of each color.
I think the next yellow hero I max is Onatel as I have wanted to max her for a while now but not sure if she would be worth replacing Drake Fong or not.

Initial thought:
Vela, Telluria, Ursena, Drake Fong, Gravemaker.

With this my thought is Telluria would do better flanking than on wing. I still want Vela next to her so she would need to be wing. On the other side, Drake Fong as flank so I have yellow next to purple, which leaves Gravemaker on wing.

Possible Heimdall plan (given time):
Heimdall, Vela, Ursena, Drake Fong, Gravemaker.

With this Heimdall is on wing and has can (hopefully) get a resurrection in. Still have Vela next to him but now in flank. The rest is the same.

Lastly, for field aid I was thinking of keeping Anzogh on wing as I’ve noticed he does well if hes the last one left during field aid.

Thanks for any help!

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Grave Heimdall Ursl Vela Drake

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I’d do the same but with Telluria instead of Heimdall

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Gm - telluria - ursena - vela - drake

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why dont you want to use telluria as your tank? it seems pretty clear with your roster running gm, tel, and vela down the middle would be your best bet. Although, super boring too, given how many people are doing that.

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This is for war and my alliance uses purple tanks.

If we were green or not uniform then yeah, I would be using those 3 down the center.

Thanks for the advice everyone…I guess Vela being flank is more important than being next to Telluria/Heimdall. For now that’s what I’ll go with and see how I like Heimdall once maxed (plan on maxing him either way).

Probably because the alliance has established such a war :slight_smile: My Suggestion: Vela (although I’m not sure if it would be better to give Lepus, Vela works great but in my opinion only when the tank is green and is attacked by red heroes), Telluria, Ursen, Drake , 1 Tyr / 2 grave. Grav came second only because of Tyr’s experience that makes me more difficult than him. Tell would also remove from this defense because next to the tank does not cause any major problems compared to how it is on the tank. Looking at the cards you lose a lot in defense without a green tank because you have the best two :slight_smile:

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ah ok, I missed the whole war part of this thread lol

only change I would make would be using gravemaker instead of anzogh.

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