War Defense Questions

Hello Everyone! My alliance is currently running green tanks and I have a few questions regarding ways to improve my defense.

First question: Who is or can be my best tank? Currently, I am using Buddy +19 as my tank. My other currently leveled options include:

  • Costumed Melendor +17
  • Lianna +3
  • Zeline +3
  • Brynhild +6

My unmaxed options include Kadilen and Kashhrek (no costume yet). Would any of these options be better options than Buddy? If I can pull his costume, would Kashhrek be better (and worth the investment)?

My current defense team is:

Clarissa - Gravemaker +7 - Buddy +19 - Vela +2 - Poseidon +7

Next question: would any of my other heroes be worth subbing into my defense?


  • Rigard +18 (w/ maxed costume
  • Domitia (4/80)
  • Proteus +17
  • Sabina +19
  • Tiburtus +7
  • Kageburado (4/60 and my current purple project)


  • Vivica +8 (no costume)
  • Joon (4/62 and my current leveling project; also without a costume)


  • Grimm +20
  • Kiril +17 (w/ maxed costume)
  • Aegir +7
  • Costumed Sonya +18
  • Triton +11
  • Ariel (3/57 and my current leveling project)


  • Boldtusk +18 (w/ maxed costume)
  • Marjana +7
  • Jean Francois (4/80)

Thank you!

Your war def team is good except tank, Buddy is really tanky but he isn’t really good tank at your level

Brynhild with emblems is one of the bests 4* tank in game (if not the best) but your is only at +6
I would recomended maxing her (don’t take off emblems from Marjana) and use her in future

For now your best tank is Zeline IMO
Fast mana, dispell and atk debuff should work pretty well


I agree. Zeline would be a better tank if you place more talents on her, focusing on defense and health.

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Thank you! So would this mean going with Zeline for now, then switch to Brynhild? And then back to Zeline when she has more emblems?

I think this is best idea

What are your Buddy’s stats at +19 (which path)?

The defensive path

Honestly, at this very moment, imo Buddy would be a better tank than Zeline. Buddy with 800 def and 1506 hp is much tankier than a Zeline+3. If you decide to emblem Zeline fully going def/hp path, then eventually she will be a better tank than Buddy. (I personally prefer Zeline going full attack path tho and I’d wait for a better green tank.)

Since the costume event should be starting tmrw, you can try acquiring Kashhrek’s costume which would be a decent tank and is relatively more accessible than some of the 5* green tanks. Elkanen also will be featured and I think Elkanen+costume bonus would be a better tank than your current options.

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