War Defense Optimization

My alliance uses Green tanks, and until now my best has been Ratatoskr, which has sufficed. I pulled Costume Kadilen from the chamber this time round, and I’m thinking she’ll be an improvement.

Since she’s Druid, I’d be stripping my +17 Vela, which is fine, but it kinda shakes up my whole team.

Finley - Sif - Ratatoskr - Vela - Natalya

Available heroes are:

NOT pictured is Misandra and Raffaele, who are quarreling over who gets the scopes.

Here’s the ideas I have so far, but just can’t decide which is the best.

This will require the least work, as soon as Kad’s done it’s ready.
Finley - C.Elena - Kadilen - Sif - Natalya

This one would be waiting until Raff is done (after Kad)
Finley - Sif - Kadilen - Raffaele - Natalya

This one skips Raff, emblems to Joon. Lots of options for flanks.
Finley - Sif - Kadilen - C.Elena/Natalya/Misandra - C. Joon

Any thoughts on a War Defense team (with a Green tank) would be appreciated.

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See: Forum ToS of my reply

I’m not a fan of Sif on defense (from outsider perspective, I don’t have her)
So I would probably lean towards
Finley - C. Elena - Kadilen - C. Rigard - C. Joon.



TY for replying!

Sif is easily better on offense, but she can do good things on D as well. I thought maybe using double-riposte w/ her and Elena would run opponents out of dispells.

I’m not terribly concerned with having a rainbow defense, but there’s no argument against C.Rigard - he’s one of the best.

I appreciate your input, happy gaming!

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In my honest opinion, having looked at the roster in your posting, I would go with:
Finley, Rigard costume, Kadilen, Elena costume, Joon costume.
Mainly because I much prefer a rainbow defence team.
Whichever defence line you choose, good luck

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Thanks for the advice. It’s interesting to me that both responders so far have included C. Rigard - since there’s no other viable purples, I get that. But, it never bothered me to leave rainbow behind, as long as there is synergy on a team.

Somewhat related, Kadilen’s costume gives her an Inari-like Ability:

170% to all enemies, 45% chance to dodge specials to all allies, each dodge gives a minion.

Do you think that is better for tanking than the OG ability with +Def vs. Special skills and slightly higher damage?

I have Kadilen +7 but I would not have played her in a tank position. However, with Costume (Which unfortunately I don’t have) and emblems I do think she can take the centre position and be effective

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I wonder…
Would Finley, Elena, Kadi, Vela, Joon work? Yes you don’t have healers but this team would punish a bad board?

I prefer rainbow def, but I see lots of Finley & Vela defenses in diamond. Elena is still there to combat a green stack. A different opinion.

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Thank you for commenting. I’ve spent some time going over options with my alliance mates as well, and we arrived at something close to what you’ve suggested. I probably won’t use Vela, since I’ll be taking her talents away for C.Kadilen - but I do have Misandra coming up soon. I’m thinking:

C.Joon - Finley - C.Kadilen - Misandra - Natalya

All ‘fast’ speed hitters - no healer, but that’s OK, I just want it to take more than 1 flag to beat in war.

I did some calculations, and C.Kadilen at +19 will have a 979 Defense before troops!

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I can’t believe that all the above answer do not include Vela in your defense. This is a nonsense. Vela is the ultimate flank for any green tank, hell she can even make kashhrek a good tank !

I won’t even consider stripping vela for Kadilen.

Instead I would go with elkanen as tank. Since you don’t have a good purple option I might consider the following defense:

Finley- elena - elkanen - vela - natalya

I’m not a fan doubling colour but vela and finley are just monsters so doubling reds may be a good option to prevent greens stacks since blues are weak against greens.

It’s not ideal but it should work until you get a purple 5* option.

Otherwise you can also do: Joon - elena - elkanen - vela - natalya

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Why is everyone not considering C.Rigard a good purple option? One of the best healers in the game, and the costume makes him a 5* wannabe.

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He is just not fit for defense. You just have to bring a debuff and then he is completely useless.

In fact almost all healers are bad in defense except Heimdall/kunchen as tank and alby/MN as wing. All other healers are just not a threat at all in defense.

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With costume and +18 talents, Kadilen will have 950+ defense, fires a small AOE at fast speed, and gives all allies special dodging and minions. She’s is tank material from my perspective, but only time can tell for sure.


I love my Vela - one of my favorite heroes, but it’s important to me to present the best war defense for my alliance. Vela will still be great without emblems on attack, and my tank will need them.

My alliance mates have been saying this lineup will be the most solid:

C.Joon - Finley - C.Kadilen - Misandra - Natalya

or, that w/ Missy and Nat switched. There aren’t any emblem conflicts, so everyone will get somewhere between +16 and +19, and everyone is fast speed.

C.Rigard is truly a 5* when he’s emblemed. But, he’s not an emblemed 5*…

@Artamiss, with this statement you completely do short on good old Guinevere. She is still a great healing tank.

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@Brainwave He forgot Telluria too, but I figured he was just giving a couple examples.

I’m more scared of Guin than Telly these days anyway.

@Raghadorn, you are probably right, but he wrote “all other healers”. That’s why…

Vela may be worth running as flank, even without emblems. She’s just ridiculous.

Kadilen is just rounding the bend at 3rd ascension, so there’s a ways to go before I can start testing with my Raid Defense.

I’m still going back and forth, which is fine. I DO like having a healer on my war D, but w/ Ratatoskr +0 or Rigard +19 as my only real options, I think running hitters makes more sense.

Raffaelle may change that, but he’s going to be waiting behind Misandra for scopes, and I only have 5 of them right now.