War "Attack Boost" and "Defense Alliances?"


I’ve asked about the beneficial War “Attack Boost”, referring to how it’s acquired.
A couple replies have said the “Defensive team gets it”, but it’s the Entire Opposing Alliance and each of its Teams that benefit from the Attack Boost.
I’ve never heard of the Defensive Alliance! EVERY one of the Wars we’ve fought (except one I’m aware of), our Alliance has been the disadvantaged one in Power!
Being the Co-leader, and one of 3 who created our Alliance a year or longer ago, I’m very upset about our Alliance members spirit’s spiraling downward. All of us heavily dread and loathe War!
I believe I saw an “opt out” option now available for the Leader to choose.
But at what cost to our Alliance?!


Both Alliances in a war get the same boost, but at different times. Your alliance gets it when your defense teams are being attacked, and your opponent gets it when you are attacking their defense teams.


I’ve never seen the Attack Boost icon applied to our Alliance.


That’s because you don’t get to watch when they attack you. Trust me, it’s there.


I believe you. Thank you for explaining it in a more defined manner. I understand now.


It is called enemy arrows/boost/aid and it help every defending team: when you are defending from your foes you get the same bonus you see when attacking yours.

1.13 Alliance War improvements and changes:

  • War Rules added. Each war now has a specific War Rule in effect. War Rules change how the enemy team is supported during battles.
  • ‘Revenge Attack’ now deals damage relative to the health remaining instead of a fixed amount of damage. ‘Revenge Attack’ has been renamed to ‘Enemy Arrows’.
  • ‘Enemy Boost’ increases the attack power of enemy heroes.
  • ‘Enemy Aid’ heals all enemy heroes.

Opt out = no war = no war loot

29 June

  • War opt-out feature has now been enabled. It allows the Alliance Leaders to opt-out their whole alliance from the wars. For further information, please read the developer’s response here.


Thank you very much FraVit93 for posting the link.


During War, how do we activate/use the “Arrow Barrage” when the icon is under the enemies Alliance name?
I’ve never tried it.


Like others have said, it’s only available on defense. you don’t activate anything. When an opponent attacks your team, the status bar fills up and will execute when it’s full.


You don’t. It activates every so many turns based on how many heroes the defense team has left. When you are attacking, your opponent gets the bonus. When your opponent is attacking your defense team, you get the bonus


You don’t activate it. As stated the defending team gets it.

On their war screen it will show the icon under your alliance.

When you attack them they get the arrows/heal/boost when the bar reaches full.

When they attack a member of your alliance, your alliance member will be on defense and will get the same arrows/heal/boost when the bar is full.

This is something you won’t see as you can’t see someone attacking you. But it is there.


Okay. This is me: I’m seeking info on a subject/issue. As more replies come in, it doesn’t always compute clearly in my mind depending on how it’s explained. I’m a visual type learner, intelligent, but if the response still doesn’t make sense to me, I keep inquiring until I “get it”!
I don’t “get” the fact, “said”, that the Arrow Barrage is available to both Alliances, because it’s not “seen”, when supposedly our Alliance is benefiting from the defensive feature. I’m always on the defense during War battles, so “why” don’t I “see” the enemies (stronger than my Teams), being hit by Arrows, or weakening?
Currently my strongest Team is 3359. Every day I’m actively working on building up my Heroes, and their defense Troops.
I have a difficult time understanding an action that I do not “SEE” happening.
Enoughs been “said” on the matter. I’m a very patient and polite person when it comes to things like, “saying”, but I’ve found out that the majority of the respondents on this forum are not.
I’ve been playing over a year now, but it is the first RPG game I’ve ever played. It seems most responders don’t take anything like this fact into account. Or, that not all players are in their youth.


lol I give up…


lol, think about my view?


Thank you very much for your time.


Ask one of opponent members for a video of them attacking you next war where there are arrows.

You’ll see the arrows attacking them then.


I thought you gave up? :wink:


by the way, using the opt out only means you lose out on some crap loot. Wars don’t affect your alliance scores.


TU for the info. We took a vote… decided the game would get seriously and repetively… b o r i n g… We experienced our first Victory today! But I’ve been up on my co-creator/leader soap box acting like a nearly 62 year young Cheer Leader! It worked! For the first time… all but 2 members participated! ~;-)


Okay, let’s try this again. When you go to the battlefield screen and choose an enemy team to attack, YOU are the attacker and HE is the defender, regardless of whose team power is higher. You’ll see the arrows/healing/attack boost helping your opponent.
When your opponent goes to the battlefield screen and chooses to attack you, HE is the attacker and YOU are the defender. He will see the arrows/healing/attack boost helping you on his screen. You won’t see them because there’s no way to watch the battle when someone attacks you