Help! Need advice on yellow levelling

I am basically F2P. I am trying to level one char on each color. My yellow situation is this: I was lucky enough to pull Joon and brought him to 3/70, but don’t have enough darts to ascend.

I was beginning to work on Mist because I don’t have much else, and she is now 1/26. This morning, I pulled Vivica with a hero token.

Do I cease work on Mist and begin Viv, knowing that I’ll not have materials to fully ascend her for eons given Joon is priority when they do arrive? Or do I level Mist until I get the materials?

I’d max Mist, she is one of the best yellow 4* heroes (along with Jackal and Wu).

While Vivica may be your only 5* healer, don’t rush to max her. In my personal experience, she is quite underwhelming on offence, if not heavily emblemed, since most heroes are already dead by the time she fires. (Emblemed) Boldtusk and (emblemed) costume Rigard are better healers than her, imo.


Personally I would max Mist then get Vivica to 3/70

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Agree. Mist is a very useful 4*. I do use a maxed Viv, but not much…definitely Joon first when you get the darts

Totally go with Mist, she will help you get mats for your other heroes. Sideline Vivica for a long while.

I’m not quite good enough to complete the quests that would give me the darts to level up my Joon. :cry:

You’ll get there… just a matter of time (and items perhaps?)

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I’ve almost got mats for one Joon but am plagued by indecision. He seems to be a yellow Sartana and my Sartana gets precious little love from me… She is thoroughly underwhelming.

EDIT: you made me think. (Thanks). I badly lack a yellow sniper I just have a couple of Li Xius and Mist…

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