Vivica or Ranvir

I have a wukong almost maxed.
My vivica is at 3 70. But I only have 6 darts for the last level up.
My Ranvir is 1 1.
Should I max out vivica or Ranvir.
Do either of them do good at 3 70 instead of max?
Should I care about joon or guin or justice I haven’t pulled yet?

My other yellows: leonaidus, li xiu, Chao - maxed

Thanks for your help.

If you do not have Wu, Ranvir to 3/70 ASAP.

And then depends on titans) which titans you fight?

Usually like 4 or 5 star… Sometimes a 7star
My wu is almost maxed. So meaning I would go with vivica to max??

Better question, do you have Miki?

If you have Miki or Wu Kong there not as big value in maxing out Ranvir (link below for details).

Regarding the question about heroes you don’t have, short version is NO. Not unless you plan on spending $$$ going for them… Nothing is guaranteed even then. The adage “better the bird in hand than the 2 in the bush” comes to play.

Vivica is a really solid support hero & a 5* healer which aren’t actually all that common. You also already got Leo as a sniper maxed so don’t need Ranvir for that aspect.

Link for why Ranvir isn’t worth toooo much if you already got a maxed Wu Kong

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I don’t have a Miki. And it seems like it’s not worth maxing Ranvir for his defense buff as the darts are quite rare and my vivica helps better. Also have wu max.
Awesome read on the comparison.

Get Vivica on max…her survivability will be increased greatly comparing to 3/70. And Ranvir - at 3/70 he is squisher than Wu kong with few emblems and the results are similar :slight_smile:

I’m in a somewhat similar situation. I have both Viv and Ranvir. Darts are rare (F2P). My alliance fights even smaller titans (3-4 star max). Before I had Wu, I took Ranvir to 2^60 (8/8) to try out on titans. I was unimpressed. The damage boost just didn’t seem to be there in as great a magnitude as I anticipated. Now, I have maxed Wu, and he has completely replaced Ranvir on my yellow titan team, since his base tile damage at 4^70 is better than Ranvir’s at 2^60. In fact, I forget I have Ranvir on my roster most of the time. Literally haven’t used him in months.

OTOH, I took Viv to 3^70, because I usually try to run two healers, and cleanse is a rare skill. She does her thing at 3^70, but the problem is her slow mana. She’s often dead before she can fire. She got my most recent set of darts, and now sits at 4^65 and climbing. Durability is much improved, and it’s now much easier to raid 3-2 because I have at least one healer in every color. She gets out a lot more now.

Bottom line: Ranvir is an expensive Wu clone that you really only need if you fight high level titans or if you are desperate for druids (which I was, at one point). Vivica is the only classic 5-star healer, and until recently, was the only yellow healer, period. She’s also one of a very few heroes to possess the cleanse ability, although costumes have remedied that a bit lately. So, is she the best healer, the best cleanser, or a must-max hero for everyone who has her? No; no, she is not. But she’s one of a very few who can do what she does (in multiple categories), and that’s been more than enough for me. Darts well spent, and cleric emblems on the way when she reaches max (although part of that is that my non-Rigard clerics kinda suck.) Good luck.


Awesome… I just upped vivica… thank you


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