Fully ascend Ranvir? Or wait?

I’m on the fence about fully ascending my Ranvir. Is he worth fully ascending? Should I wait for a different yellow 5* hero? Any pros or cons about him? It took almost a year to finally receive all the ascension items I only want to use them on heroes who are worth it, ya know? He’s my only yellow 5* which I have two of him actually. What to do, what to do?

Lengthy article on Ranvir & his pros and cons (imo).

Personally I wouldn’t ascend him until you’ve got an excess of Darts & nothing to use them on (11-12+)

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Thank you for that, I’ll be giving that a read. :+1:

I mainly use him while attacking non-Ursena purple tanks and while his snipe isn’t the greatest he is very good at his job.
My Ranvir also got 15 emblem nodes but this is because I don’t have better druids :stuck_out_tongue:


He was my first 5 star. I have him at 3/70 and I hate him. Personally I would wait. I miss everything when I activate him. It’s so annoying. As said above wait until you get like 11 darts then if you don’t have anything go for it. Just my opinion. Good luck deciding!

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He was my first 5* too. Those are some of the reasons I was on the fence about him. I will wait, he just doesn’t seem to be worth it. Thanks for your input. :+1:

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