Ranvir vs +20 Wu

I pulled Ranvir from atlantis and I already have a +20 Wu…do I just let ranvir sit or is it worth giving him the darts? Justice and Joon are already sitting at 3-70 complaining they are the ones who need the darts. Only maxed 5* holy is Neith +7.

I should mention the only reason Justice is in the running is that my alliance is running yellow war tanks.

Is it correct for his card to say he has a miss chance of 56%?


A 8/8 Ranvir will have 35% miss chance


Ranvir is a tougher Wu Kong, by ascending him you could always get a lot of Monks emblems from your Wu Kong and give them to another monk :slight_smile:


When maxxed he has 34% missed chance…and 195% buff…
I have ranvir and Wu and I get similar results when hunting titans.
Better invest your darts into joon - top notch sniper

When the Clarissa tanked teams starts appearing, you might want to have your Ranvir maxed out. Poison resist, element link defensive buff and great tile damage.

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Unless you are hitting 13+ Titans Wu will do the trick.

We have a long way to go before we get there! We just recently moved from farming 7* to chaining 8*.

I use a +20 Wu on 11-12s without issue.


Maths & My personal take:

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