Vivica or Norns

Who gets the darts? I need another holy legendary to stack with Neith and Onatel I already have many healers, the yellow ones too. I don’t have Vivica’s costume and Norns would fit my playstyle of 3-1-1 to make those “1-1” stronger and allow me to fight yurple or similar configurations in other colours which I hate right now.

On the other hand Vivica is a solid classic hero who I meet very often in diamond and I could one day emblem her and put into my raid defense (but that day may never come if I never get a good dark legendary to replace Rigard). And Gullinbursti will give his emblems to Noor soon so my holy healing bench will get weaker.

Doesn’t this answer your question?


It looks like you need to focus on Norns if that’s a better match for your play style

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Have both maxed and Norns gets a lot of use, Vivica comes out for later war teams only.
(In the interest of fairness - I have Delilah maxed, so I do have a better holy healer!).

Norns stats are way high and as you say, a great fit in 3-1-1.

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I find Norns rather useful most of the time. I made her part of my 3-2 x-yellow stack and she was useful even before the minor buff to damage. Normally I stacked 3 strong against the tank with maybe a purple flank and then when Norns fires tile damage can take out another fairly easy. Her attack stat is also sweet and when I first ascended her I didn’t have anyone that I was even considering giving the emblems.

I was turning towards Norns but I’ve just got Bai Yeong and my dilemma got even worse.

I wouldn’t ascend Bai over Norns.

I landed Bai and he’s not a priority for me at all. Not bad, but not equivalent to a season 3 IMHO.

Yeah, I’m now w convinced to start working on Norns (also got Leonidas in the meantime but let’s be serious here).

Have both, though my Viv has also costume. Norns are okay in my book, especially after their buff. Last time they were tanking on defense and they took 3 of my heroes down by 50% of their HP when they fired. Yeah, not ideal for defense, but the power of their special with their attack is not to be underestimated. Their mana drain when they die is annoying too.

If you don’t need healer, then Norns.