Norns or Ranvir or wait?

I’m starting to run out of heroes to work on. I got Norns a while back, and she (they?) is/are about to hit 3-70. I’ve had Ranvir at 3-70 for a long time, and use him daily on Titans of every color.

When raiding, I typically do a 3-stack of strong color, and for Yellow that stack is usually Joon-Malosi-G.Jackal. For raiding, I don’t think I would like the randomness of adding Ranvir. Would Norns help me with raiding? I don’t have a good handle on what circumstances would be ideal use for her.

I have 9 Darts, and my long-term goal is to try for Odin and/or Thor when they come out… so I can probably safely use 6 Darts now and have enough later if I should be lucky enough to get one of those.

My alliance typically fights 7* or 8* Titans, and I’d say Ranvir dies only about 20% of the time in Titan fights.

I wouldn’t need to use either for Raid Defense - Joon+19 sits squarely on the wing. :smiley:

What say you?? Norns or Ranvir??

Good gaming!

After getting Gazelle. My Ranvir does nothing but suck up O2. I’ve considered feeding it away.

I’m undecided about Norns for offense. She’s on my to-do list and vet at 3.7 for a while but I haven’t crossed that bridge yet.


Level some 3* options for raid tourney or events.
4* costumes. Or any 4* you havent gotten to.
When you get to 11 or 12 darts ask yourself again if you wanna max.

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Well, that’s the problem… when I said I’m running out of things to level, I really am!

I have one Clarissa at 3-70 (and only 1 Tabard); I have two additional Clarissa at 1-1 that I plan to take to 3-70, but I want to level them slowly with 1* Purple so that I can guarantee 8/8 skill by 3-70, since I most likely won’t get a chance to max all three of them ever.

I have literally ZERO other Yellow to level once Norns hits 3-70 - I have 10 max 4* Yellow, 10 maxed 3* Yellow for tourneys.

The only Blue I have to work on is Ariel, who is at 1-41 and rising. I could give her my extra off-color feeders, as I intend to ascend her and max her so getting max skill on her shouldn’t be an issue.

Green, I have only Berden Costume and a Hisan to level.

And in Red, I have Noor at 3-70 and Elena at 3-70, with 9 Rings… my plan was to wait until I get 10-11 Rings before ascending Noor.

So the idea of working on 3* and 4* is good… the very few I have to work on are not going to take very long to finish. :wink: And then I’m stuck either saving feeders for future “power-leveling” - or ascending either Norns, Ranvir, or Noor and feeding them everything until max.

I also don’t expect to get Gazelle. I’m saving up gems and Valhalla coins for tries on Odin & Thor though. I guess I could try to save up my Darts on the off chance that I somehow manage to get BOTH of them! But that’s really wishful thinking, as I can’t see doing more than a 30-pull on one of them, and a 10-pull on the other. I’m not a huge spender who buys hundreds of pulls to get everything I want. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!

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I really like Ranvir. His attack stat is great. He is great for a yellow mono team with and without his special. Sure his misses can be irritating but can be controlled a bit with timing and healers. If you don’t have another titan specialist maxed he might be worth your darts.

I don’t have norms and can’t really comment on her.


I maxed Norns and added emblems due to a general lack of sorcerers. I really like using her with a yurple team. All yellow/purple tiles become strong against yellow and purple heroes. She is nice on offense, but not as great for defense. I have always thought Norns would make rainbow raiding on offense possible, but haven’t gone rainbow on offense in a long time. Usually 3-1-1 vs the tank.

For titans I use Miki as a damage booster, he is by far the best. But if Ranvir is your main titan damage booster, I would max him first. Having better titan hits helps the whole alliance grow stronger, and A+ loot is one tier higher if you get it. If you can help keep your titan tier higher, he is worth the darts.

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I’ve seen some say that Norns can help in the color-restricted 5* tournaments? So if there is a No-Blue tournament and the opponent sets a heavy Red defense, I could bring a few Green, and let Norns flip them to weak against Green?

That doesn’t feel particularly reliable to charge an Average hero to turn the tables though, when I could just bring a neutral color and hope for lots of tiles to trigger multiple specials to kill the enemy that way.

Not sure, just a thought, and wondering if anyone has had good success with that concept.

Otherwise, being better against every Titan, every day… that has some merit to it. I don’t do enough pulls to expect to get Tarlak or Miki, really - so I think Ranvir is my long-term Titan buffer.

Good gaming!

I like to rainbow raid and I am thinking along these lines. Namely, that Norns would be solid in a rainbow team – she would make tiles for 3 heros on the defense either neutral or strong, which seems pretty awesome. With her recent buff in hit (280% to target and nearby enemies), all else being equal (e.g., no emblems and the same troop) she would hit harder than White Rabbit too (attack stat for Norns is higher than WR). I have her at 3-70 now and have used her as part of clean-up teams in War; I am pleasantly surprised at how hard she hits. I have 18 darts now, no good Sorcerer 5* heros in my roster, and am seriously considering maxing her and giving her emblems.

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Definetely not “Ranvir” :smiley:

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Same. Fully ascended Ranvir, and not even 2 months later I got Miki. Twice. Since then Miki does the lifting and Ranvir is occasionally used for wars. His emblems got stripped long time ago and given to Vela. Even now I prefer to give emblems to Gullinbursti before him.

However, as for OP, it depends what you have. I assume no Miki or Tarlak or Gazelle. Wu Kong is easier to get and if you have him you should ascend and use him instead - he should do fine for 7* - 8* Titans. As for Norns, I have them fully ascended too and have much better usability on attack than Ranvir, especially since their special’s damage was buffed. They work very well in yurple team. So definitely Norns.


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