Which Yellow 5* to Max?

Hi everyone,
I’m in the game from almost 1 year and as a F2P player I’ve got very few lucky odds in my gameplay until March. Now I’m actually have a bigger roster and pick more 5* heroes (from TC20 mostly).

My actual roster include almost all the 4* Vanilla heroes maxed, Sumitomo 3.60, Danzaburo 1.1, Merlin 4.70, Jack O’Hare 1.1, plus a Telluria whom I really chased her in March (and my first 5* too). She’s already maxed.
I had the luck to find Malosi during Springvale summons and I was working on him (he’s 3.54 atm), but I’ve found Joon and Vivica from TC20 in the last days and only 6 darts to use. I was pretty sure to continue with Malosi but trying it on war and raids it seems to me that his special hits very low, althought the other part is pretty useful.

What should be the right choice for me?
Other 5* that I have to level: Thorne, Isarnia, Azlar, Kadilen, Quintus, Mokk-Arr

Thank you

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If it was my first yellow 5*, i would probably go joon personally

Vivica is ok but fading out more and more as the game continues

Malosi is a good utility hero but he’s better in a team of other good yellows

I would go joon malosi vivica in that order if it was me



Thank you,
I was secretly hoping for this kind of answer, I think!
I will bring Malosi to 3.70 and then begin with Joon!

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Sounds like a plan, have fun!

That just makes me sad lol

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You have 2 maxed vivcas too?

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Just one. But she was a staple for a long time for me. Still use her some but not so much anymore as you well alluded to.

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Yup slow mana is fading out pretty quick. Is what it is. If all heroes stayed relevant, the game wouldn’t grow and we wouldnt buy as many summons.

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Joon is a flatly amazing hero.


This is the advice I would have given. Joon was the first five-star yellow I maxed, and I still use him every war. He’ll be a staple for a long time, I suspect.


Hopefully with the Tell rebalance mana slow going from 34% to 24%, more SAF heroes can still be useful.

Possibly but just doubt it tbh.
From my experience they were usable but not ideal before all the status ailment defenses plagued 2020. Now just odds are stacked against them even more.

I mean you really wanna wait for 4 matches of 3 to cleanse while being posioned, drowned, and on fire at the same time? Not even factoring in the more matches needed after telluria fires.

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