Vivica or joon? I need some help cause this is a tough one for me

Ok guys I need some help and I’ve gotten some solid answers from y’all a couple of times so I’m coming back again. I have vivica and joon ready for ascension and I have the mats to ascend 1. Neither will go in my main defense team, they will both be secretly used for war and titans right now. Below is my war defense team. I was at first thinking of ascending vivica because her d is so much higher and the gap between offense is so much closer but after thinking on it today I thought maybe with kunchen as my tank and onatel and joon next to him that if the enemy tried to yellow stack against kunchen I could make them pay with joon and onatel. I don’t want to do a kunchen tank with onatel and vivica next to him but I could really use a fully maxed vivica on titans and on my war teams. So which do y’all think I should ascend, Vivica or joon? Thank you on advance for the advice

Also here are joon and vivica max stats. I don’t really consider specials on titans so much because you only fire 2 maybe 3 times max. Tile damage is more important. Another healer for war would be a big bonus though.

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My personal opinion is I would go Vivica first, joon at 70/3 already does a great job where as Vivica’s healing helps out all allies.

I say this only because I just had that same option myself last week and went Vivica and I don’t regret as Joon still stands strong.

Good Luck

A lot also depends on your bench, if you have a number of snipers then you can go Vivic, but if considering tile damage, Joon appeared to have an edge, durability in terms of sturdiness they are relatively the same, although +63% def buff for all allies comes handy from Vivic whenever she eventually fires, with that Vivic scores high.

I actually took Joon to full max while yet working on Vivica, my reasons are

  1. Needed a fast mana outright killer sniper.
  2. Have already a number of healers / HoT maxed.
  3. Already got Joon to 3/70 before Vivic showed up

I hope this would help you weigh the options.

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Old topic, but I’ll just chip in.

I have Joon maxed, and working on his costume.
Hu Tao, Wu Kong, Gretel maxed, working on Jackal.

I have AMs for next yellow 5*.
Choices are, Vivica 3/70, Neith,Onatel, Joon#2 1/1

Can’t seem to decide Onatel or Viv. And I won’t use them in defence…

Healers, I have Kiril, BT, Rigards x2, Ariel all maxed and bunch waiting in line


Put together with Ariel and you can really tilt the mana playing field in your favour big time.

Unless you desperately need 5* healers, Onatel will be much more interesting to play with.


If you need a sniper definitely go joon. He was my first maxed 5 start yellow hitter and as posiedon sit at 3/70. He is sturdy, hits hard and has blind. If you are low on healers since you have kunchen you already have experience in using slow heroes and understand the care in using them. I dont feel you lose either way.

Thanks. 20 characters lol

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You already have Joon and Ariel maxed, I will suggest Onatel.

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